lake tuner [feat. @ohthatdean]


I lost my guitar tuner again


Rock on, rock on


I honestly wonder if its at the lake.  Maybe’ I’ll buy another and if it shows up we’ll have a lake tuner


lol, lake tuner.


Song right there.


plenty fathered

you can’t mold me, i take the clay and make a snake / you can’t hold me, i won’t be anything that’s fake / take my life / but don’t take my license to thrill

i wonder why i ever bothered / you can’t see i’ve been plenty fathered / and sometimes i can see straight through your blue eyes / you’re so blind, you can’t see when someone else cries

you just can’t strip away my quirkiness today / i guess it’s not so bad . . .

License to Thrill, Katy Rose

Separate worlds, separate music.  Separate.

And this.  Oh how I *love* dinner at my house.  It’s either stuff like this or being told to shut up.  Awesome.


If I raised you, you wouldn’t be so mouthy!


Maybe you should have raised me then.

My mom then stifled a laugh, and he shut up.  I won that round.

Father are you listening? (Gotta let him go) / Father are you listening?

I am the bullet.

If I am the son, and I am the right, then how do I rest upon this? / If i am the one that murders the tribe / then how do I kiss the hand I bit?

A wrist is slit so I can mend / How am I supposed to breathe in?

The chamber is full / and I am the gun. / For everything that you’ve ever loved

Erasing the tone in shaping the line / that this is an open market / for any of you individuals / wiling to make bets upon my soul.

A stepping through to the other side / is your own accord / and my own soft shaking.

And you’re loved, loved, loved, loved, loved

And I am alone.


Stepping Through, Resident Hero

kid quotes: “the winker”

Kids say the best crap.  Really.  Take this for example, my coworker told me this after a particularly rough shift for us today, and it made me feel a lot better, and laugh a lot.

*Bethany had just finished explaining the Magic/Murder Wink game*


What’s the winker?


The person who you have to guess who is winking?  During the game?


Oh . . . I thought it was something to do with puberty

I love children, they are hilarious.

finding Jesus

A few years ago my grandma gave me a teeny glass nativity.  It contained, of course, teeny glass baby Jesus.  Except Jesus went missing.  I hope he just grew up and went off to shepherd or something, because missing Baby Jesus actually makes me really sad.

My mom was just looking for baby Jesus and walked out of the dining room about to move onto whatever her next task was

MOM: What am I doing?

ME: Finding Jesus?

MOM: I can’t find him.

ME: *sad face*

MOM: Just say ‘Mom, I know you haven’t found Jesus’

In context, I didn’t grow up in a Christian family.  And while most of the time I’m okay with it, sometimes, it’s just a little hard having this fire, this passion, and nobody getting it.

Also, Baby Jesus is still missing, and that really sucks.  I mean, I know Baby Jesus is just a little piece of glass, but lacking Baby Jesus kind of makes a nativity pointless.

conversations: incubus – morning view [feat. ryan gregg from addison road]

So, Addison Road is cool.  You should give them a listen, share some love, and buy an album or four.

They as a band also respond to tweets, as does their lovely guitarist Ryan Gregg!  I’ve had a few brief conversations with him in the past while, and today this came up:


Then this happened:


And now I am sitting here thinking . . . THANKS Ryan Gregg, for making me think about that, for pulling me to type ‘morning view’ into my iTunes library again.  Man.  I love this album – I love it as much, if not more, than I did five-plus years ago when I first got into Incubus at the ripe age of fourteen.

The excellent mixes of clear and distorted guitar tones, the subtle touches of djembe.  The faint and not-so-faint touches of crickets in the tracking as recorded outside the Morning View house.  The ability of this band to so greatly capture emotion on different levels—depths.  Brandon’s lyrics.

Also thinking: man.  This is a freaking epic album.  I plan to go through it song by song in blog-post form over the next few weeks. 

Grab a copy at your local record store or on iTunes and join me.

conversations: techno hoodie [feat. derek]

DEREK: did you get amazing gifts?

ME: haha indeed! I got a FROTHER. To froth coffee-type beverages! Who gets a frother for christmas? Me apparently. It is EPIC.

lol why the heck not

haha! how about you?

a techno hoodie


yeah man. i am excited. now i need to buy a music player

Lol, like an iPod? or a boombox?

lol somethin to listen to in my hoodie. hehehe

lol . Is that one of the ones with the built in earphone deals?

It is. there is a plug in the pocket and so you put in your device and then you put the earphones in and its all good

Haha nice where are the earphones located? in the hoodie strings? or in the hood?

in the hoodie strings. an engineering feat

haha yes! my cousin was wearing one of those yesterday. wont you look hilarious walking around with your strings in your ears though cause they’ll be all loop like?

lol no i will pull it off somehow

excellent. hence why ily