conversations: techno hoodie [feat. derek]

DEREK: did you get amazing gifts?

ME: haha indeed! I got a FROTHER. To froth coffee-type beverages! Who gets a frother for christmas? Me apparently. It is EPIC.

lol why the heck not

haha! how about you?

a techno hoodie


yeah man. i am excited. now i need to buy a music player

Lol, like an iPod? or a boombox?

lol somethin to listen to in my hoodie. hehehe

lol . Is that one of the ones with the built in earphone deals?

It is. there is a plug in the pocket and so you put in your device and then you put the earphones in and its all good

Haha nice where are the earphones located? in the hoodie strings? or in the hood?

in the hoodie strings. an engineering feat

haha yes! my cousin was wearing one of those yesterday. wont you look hilarious walking around with your strings in your ears though cause they’ll be all loop like?

lol no i will pull it off somehow

excellent. hence why ily


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