12 of 12 – july ’11!

On the 12th of the month, a bunch of bloggers from around the world take 12 pictures throughout the day.  These are my pictures for July 12th, 2011!\


2:36 pm – bus. I forgot about 12 of 12 until we were coming home from our zoo field trip.  So, no animal pictures or fancy playground pictures or anything, how lame is that?  Just the bus in the rearview mirror.  The kiddo I was sitting with thought this picture was really cool :]

Also, everything at the zoo basically was closed and it kind of sucked.  Lamesauce.


4:44 pm – Tara’s house. This is Tara’s kitchen phone.  Appropriate, no? :]


6:05 pm – Tara’s car. This is Tara driving back to my house after we bought ice cream and the [UBER EXCITING!] article in the next picture.


6:31 pm – kitchen. I LOVE INCUBUS!!  New album came out today, so Tara drove us to the mall so I could buy it.  Also we bought ice cream :].  So stoked on this album, it’s SO different than their older stuff.


8:05 pm – kitchen. Timetable for next fall. Was trying to move my Anatomy lab but just left it there.  This schedule also allows me to accumulate 8.5 hours of work a week, so work is also happy and fully agreeable with that.  I love them.


8:50 pm – car. On my way to my grandparents, my home for the week.


9:31 pm – grandparents house. Bit of laundry and some kid art!


9:50 pm – bathroom. Stop.  Showertime.


11:14 pm – bedroom. Ready for work.


11:16 pm – bedroom. My life on a table?  Ye-eah for athletic tape that I used to tape up my knee after screwing it up slightly playing soccer at work!  And, you know, puffers and chocolate my grandma gave me.  And stuff.


11:16 pm – bedroom. Wearin’ this to work tomorrow [today].  Because nobody at work seems to object to me wearing my Dropkick Murphys shirt.


11:30 pm – bedroom. This is the room I live in at my grandparents.  The blanket under all the other blankets and under the pillows is simply to hold the pillow I was using to keep my knee up a bit slightly stiller.  Not really sure it succeeded, but oh well.  Good night!


12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell.  Thanks Chad, and thanks to the rest of you 12’ers for sharing your lives for a day!  See you in August!


kid art – flowers

A kindergartener coloured this for me yesterday while telling me about cute soft bunnies.


See also: kindergarteners are awesome.

videos and kin ball dreamin’

So, since my boss thinks it’s a good idea to make summer videos at work, I wonder if I can convince her we need a Kin Ball.

How is that not a good idea?  They’re so fun.  I hated gym in high school and even I liked Kin Ball.


Either way, I get to make videos at work all of July.  So awesome.

Apparently I’m doing really well at work.  That makes me happy, because I feel I am sucking at the routine stuff.  Apparently I’m doing fine, so that is awesome.


Though, I work at 7:30 tomorrow so I should probably go to bed.

hello shiny macbook

I like this thing. I’m having a little trouble making the switch over from Windows [like finding a blog editor, for example. I’m on Blogo now, but after 21 days I have to pay for it if I wanna keep it, so we’ll see.]

But really, I can edit videos again and play with Photo Booth. Hooray!

So school is done for this year. For the first time since August ’10, I don’t have ANY studying, school, anything hanging over my head. I’m DONE my second year of university and my first year of kinesiology and applied health as of yesterday when my Spring course wrapped up. I’m loving kinesiology, so let’s hope that love stays alive next year when I’m stuck at school for afternoon labs and my schedule sucks and I can’t work much!

Work, that’s pretty good. Slowly learning the kids names, slowly getting more used to it. This is the beginning of week three.

#hawmc six – “the summer has me, the summer has me sold”

The book[let] closest to me was the VersaEmerge CD booklet.  I closed my eyes and ended up pointing to the lyric from the song “Lost Tree” off of the Fixed at Zero album.

I am in the midst of planning my summer.  It is involving a lot of thought and consideration on what the best choices will be.  I have an interview at a daycare on Friday.  I applied with the Canadian Diabetes Association to be an Assistant to the Camp Director for diabetes camp.  I have an application coming in the mail from a Christian day camp.

There are pros and cons to each job.  I know nothing about the day camp yet, so that is not an issue right now.

I’ve done daycare before, which is both a blessing and a curse.  A blessing because I know I like it, and a curse because I know I am okay at it.  It is a challenge in some ways, but it won’t be a new experience.  I will have four to eight solid weeks of work, August off, and possible September employment finalized.  These are all good things, but having August off is a bit weird as I intended to be working all summer.  But if it leads to additional school-year employment and perhaps next summer, that is fantastic.  Of course, I have yet to be offered the position, but the director is sounding very positive and I like that.

The Canadian Diabetes Association would be a completely new experience involving both program planning, organization, and a week or two at camp.  I would learn a lot.  I would have a very different experience behind me, and that is exciting.  I would be employed from the beginning of May to the end of August.  Did I mention I would get to work at CAMP?  I love camp.  I applied for that this evening, and will likely have an interview within the next week as postings go up next week.  This coming up is very interesting as the mom of one of my inclusion girlies passed this posting off to me without knowing of my new friendship with some members the DOC, and all that I’m learning from them.  That is tugging at me.

I am leaving this in the hands of the One who knows me better than I know myself.  I am trusting that whatever the first offer is, is the one I should take.  And I’m trusting that if neither offer comes, that there is something else awaiting me this summer.  Another unemployed summer is not an option.

Summer permeates my thoughts.  It has me sold that something good will come.