The tagline of this blog is from a song called FRIENDS AND LOVERS by Incubus.  Sometimes we just need to walk around for awhile to think things through . . . while a good walk often clears my mind, this blog is also a place to stop and walk through my thoughts for awhile.

This blog is a place where I’ll write in a form of exploration of my big, big, confusing, crazy, messed up, beautiful world.  Sometimes, portraying this big, big, beautiful world involves pictures or videos or music.  I try to keep it interesting, but maybe it’s only interesting to me.  It’s my blog, after all!  [Oh, so selfish.]

My world includes a big, big God who gave life to a redemptive Saviour through a girl who the world thought was a nobody.  This Saviour named Jesus saved my life in a big, big way because He is a big, big KING.  I write about this often.

My world includes feeling emotions.  Feeling happiness, feeling anger, feeling sadness.  It includes smiling and laughter and tears.  Feeling things leads to writing about feeling things, which may slip out of my fingertips including the occasional cuss word.  My world also includes these cuss words — more often heard than said.   So yeah, I might be a Christian and I might work with youth and I promise you I don’t ever let these words slip out near them.  At the same time, I am human.  And sometimes, a this human has to drop an f*bomb in order to make herself feel better.

My world includes my past–fights between my heart and mind, fights between mortality and morality, fights between my mind and my God.  Battles like these are things I have learned a lot from.  They come up often.

And, my world includes a lot of hope.  And hope is everything.  Hope is the light in the darkness that never leaves us in the pitch black, hope is that our Earth still has oxygen . . . hope is that we are free.


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  1. Hi Kerri,

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