it helps to write it down, even when you then cross it out

–always love, nada surf


it’s as simple as that

and from the lungs of a child
will come the everlasting breath of God

increasing peace and honesty
and not carrying on despite of me

it’s as simple as that, as simple as that, as simple as that

it’s got to be as simple as that, children
oh, you’ll see Lord

and if I don’t know who to love
i love them all
and if I don’t know who to trust
i trust them all
and if I don’t know who to kill
no suicide
i’m already dead

–brothers unaware, live

the lighthouse lost its light on her a long time ago / she got so used to it, this long and winding road / i’ll never ever let you go / “i can’t believe” she whispered to me / i don’t wanna breathe

—Lighthouse, Live

First day at the new job was today.  Last day at the old job is tomorrow.

And I think I’ll always probably wonder, in eight months, did I even help to change anything in them?

. . . Or did they just change me?

the distance

i’ve been to pretty buildings, all in search of You

road trip '08 etc 074

i have lit all the candles . . . sat in all the pews

road trip '08 etc 014 

. . .

oh the distance is not doable / in these bodies of clay my brother / oh the distance makes me uncomfortable / guess it’s natural to feel this way. / we’re locked to these bodies / let’s hold out for something sweeter . . .

my car became the church and i / the worshipper of silence there / in a moment peace came over me / and the One who was beating my heart appeared

this distance is dreaming / we’re already there tonight

the distance, live

Sometimes, things just summate my experiences, my thoughts so perfectly.  Live lyrics – they do that a lot.  I’ve listened to this song countless times today.  Images of still empty churches, deserted pews.  Stillness.

So hitting me – and so, so good.

clearing my head . . .

Getting better.

i don’t know what to pray for / i don’t know what to say / but my heart is breaking and i am thinking that things shouldn’t be this way / we’re stretched, we’re pulled and twisted / in ways we weren’t meant to be / it’s just too hard to let life pass quietly

hold on, let go / it’s so hard to know / what is right, what is right / hold on, let go / well it’s so hard to know what is right / what is right / what is right . . .

i want so bad to keep you / but i know that it is time / so i give you up, but not in my mind / your voice, your laugh and your stories / the things that you helped me through / your faith has helped me grow / it’s brought you home, too

hold on let go, addison road

It was one of those things that I knew was coming, and I’m glad it came sooner than later.  Donald and I broke up today, it was mutual.  We are okay with that.  We proceeded to hang out and eat Easy Cheese and play guitar and listen to Resident Hero afterwards.  Some things just aren’t meant to be.

Now, time to clear my head.  Gotta get for a walk if it’ll ever stop snowing/being cold.  Three days of classes to go.  Life is crazy.