12 of 12 – april ‘11!

On the 12th of each month, a bunch of bloggers take 12 pictures throughout the day.  Here are my pictures for April 12th, 2011!


8:48 am – bedroom. My e-mail seriously never sleeps, even when I do.


9:01 am – kitchen. Since I don’t drink coffee, Ventolin has been trying to make itself my replacement for a few years.  Still trying to show the lungs who’s boss :).


12:36 pm – kitchen. Remnants of lunch. I was hungry and forgot to take a picture first, okay?  It was chocolate milk, grilled cheese and peaches!


1:27 pm – kitchen. This is basically what I looked at all day, except different pages.  Intro kinesiology final on the 13th.



1:34 pm – bedroom. Slightly broken guitar, I want to play you.  Must.  Study.


2:48 pm – entry. Waiting for my coworker to pick me up to go to work.  I love this backpack so much, it’s the perfect size for non-school adventures.  Also love getting rides to work form my awesome coworker.  Also, my coworkers are awesome.


2:53 pm – front yard. Apparently I liked this?  Grabbing the recycling bins before I head to work.


2:54 pm – front steps. iPod reminding me to go to work.  I’ve been off for three weeks, I was scared I’d forget.  Actually, it reminds me every week, to be honest.


5:54 pm – kitchen. Dinner.


7:07 pm – kitchen. It never ends. Back to the books [and e-mails apparently].


9:15 pm – kitchen. Actually, I have a quiz to do, too, which serves as good review for part of the exam, I guess.  It’s on this stuff [coaching], Sport and Culture and Issues in Sport.


9:15 pm – kitchen. Getting serious.  Breaking out the GOOD chocolate.

I was at the studying until 12:20 AM in case you care to know.  We will end with chocolate, though, because that is good and that is TWELVE!

By the way, my amazing and talented friend DREW BROWN did his first 12 of 12 today.  He’s not only a passionate follower of Jesus and amazing musician, he’s also a fabulous photographer.  You can see his first ever 12 of 12 here!

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12 of 12 – january ‘11!

On the 12th of each month, a bunch of bloggers take 12 pictures throughout the day.  Here are my pictures for January 12th, 2011.  Happy New Year, 12’ers!


7:25 am – bathroom.  Good morning eight e-mails that accumulated overnight.  Yeah I check e-mails while brushing my teeth, don’t judge ;).  I love getting e-mails.


8:45 am – school/top of escalator 1.  Student paperwork.  Major declaration form.


9:40 am – school/hallway.  Breakfast.  I actually brought food with me [granola bars and water] but apparently my attempts at eating healthy were foiled by organic cafe food – London Fog and a cinnamon bun!


12:57 pm – school/mom’s office.  The contents of my backpack, mostly.  I was trying to find my bus-pass, which was, you know, not there.


1:09 pm – school/caf.  Reading my Issues in Health textbook before I head ‘er to work.

3:06 pm – work.  Yeah, you wish you worked here too!  Snapped this with my phone!


4:22 pm – sidewalk.  Walking to the bus after work.  This is one of those power transformer thingies.  I see them all the time but I never take pictures of them, despite how I always think that they’re cool.


4:56 pm – sidewalk.  Walking home from the bus stop on my end after work.  Life on the prairies!


5:02 pm – path.  They have honestly been building houses in this development since the summer of ‘09.  Move it along, people.  Also, I thought those icicles were intense.


5:40 pm – kitchen.  Dinner.  I’ve got Goldfishie crackers in my soup and rice!


8:15 pm – kitchen.  Got bored of studying, so I made a new bracelet for my medical tag.  See where I effed up?  Fail!  [For those of you wandering by who don’t know me and are curious, this thing tells people who I am and who to call if I spontaneously combust or something.  Actually, I have asthma.]


8:16 pm – kitchen.  Sheesh, being a student is hard.  We have to read a lot.  And unlike all of first year, and last term, I am making an effort to keep up with readings this term.  Except Religion is preventing me from doing that because he assigns us like 100 pages of really heavy reading a week.  And this is what the rest of my evening will look like – my kinesiology textbooks.

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short work and school rambling

Work rocked today.  Most of the girls were just so, so with it.  Chatty, but they’re adolescent girls, so yeah.  I was asked to take on another program as a regular facilitator, so I have to make a decision whether I’m committing to twice a week or not.  If I commit for Wednesday’s Girls Club in addition to Tuesday’s boys and girls program, I’m going to have to teach by myself, and I’m not sure how well that will go.  Most of the girls are great, but some are just . . . difficult.  Like, oh, you know, any program.

I’ll have to look over stuff and make a decision, hopefully by Friday.  However, I’d make another $22 a week, which would be pretty rad, considering I work, like, no hours.  Plus my job is fun, but I’d have to do a lot more prep work for this.  We’ll see.

Also, Intro Kinese is rocking—I just got into it on Monday, so I have a little catching up to do, but it’ll be okay.  Issues in Health is probably my favourite class this term, it’s so easy.  Religion and Pop Culture is so heavy and hard and I’m not sure what I’m doing about that because it’s totally not being as awesome as I thought.  I also picked up a major declaration form today – crazy.

My 12 of 12 will be up later tonight! With that, I’m off to read one kinesiology book or another.  Yes, I am reading this term.  That means I’m terribly behind on the Bible *sighs*.

12 of 12 – december ‘10

Last 12 of 12 of 2010!

On the 12th of each month, a bunch of bloggers take 12 pictures throughout the day.  These are my pictures for December 12th, 2010.


7:15 AM – bed.  Eff.  I have to get up and go to church in this?  Good thing I love my church.


7:47 am – bus stop.  This is the biggest lie I have seen ever.  Or today at least.  Canada?  Warm?


8:49 am – church.  Oh how I love my church’s proximity to Starbucks.  Although my gingerbread latte was totally, totally a letdown.  I had to go back tonight and have a caramel apple spice to make myself feel better.DSCF5673 10:46 am – church.  Our first kiddo arrived in the three year old room.  She was super-intensely writing a list on an offering envelope.


1:50 pm – kitchen.  What this open Dr Pepper can is doing amongst the produce I have no idea.


3:16 pm – kitchen.  Studying sociology.  Evil, evil textbook.  Well, I guess since I was reading about maltreatment, it is evil.


3:19 pm – kitchen.  I went to my room for popcorn twists [which were semi-stale] and found a totally hardened muffin.  I am fortunate muffins do not mold, or I would probably have puked.  I do not do mold.


5:42 pm – bedroom.  I finally had enough with the inhaler hits [my lungs hate winter] and did a breathing treatment, which has kept me pretty dang open the last six hours.  Even though my neb was doing something weird and it took FOREVER to do a freaking unit dose.  I hate asthma.


5:44 pm – bathroom.  See how cold it is?  I am wearing FOUR layers on my upper body.  In your face, Canada.


6:46 pm = church.  Enter the Farewell Party for the epic and lovely Browns.  This “welcome.  we’re glad you’re with us today.” sign makes me feel really good whenever I walk into my church.  I’m totally, totally blessed to be here and to have gotten to experience the awesome love that is Drew and Sara the last three and a half months.


9:59 pm – church.  My lovely friends Tiffani [left] and Tara [right].  They are sisters and awesome.


11:14 pm – kitchen.  Posting my 12 of 12.  One of my pictures didn’t turn out as I thought it did, so I’m short one, kay?  Dang. ;-)  Short one no longer! [Well, I’m still a short one :)].

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It’s been a great year, all – see you in 2011!