camp cerebrations two: sticking with you

and if i have to jump, then i’ll jump and i won’t look down.  you can cry, you can fight, we can scream and shout.  i’ll push and pull until your walls come down, and you understand, i’m gonna be around . . . i’m sticking with you.

sticking with you, addison road


So sweet.

This is the girlie and one of her friends from her hometown, B.  She’s a sweetie and has Down Syndrome, so like putting any two kids together, especially for such an extended amount of time, sometimes the girlie and B were absolute best friends like in the picture above, and others they can whine and squabble with each other constantly–more than is normal for a thirteen- and sixteen-year-old [B’s birthday was on Thursday while she was at camp, and she was graced by having a boys cabin sing to her].

And what can I say, they fought about girl stuff.  There was a banquet on the last day of camp, which essentially meant we ate slightly fancier food for camp food, and that everybody got to sit wherever they wanted instead of just with their cabin groups, and that, oh yes, girls and boys could sit beside one another. Meaning, that the girlie and B and some other girls got very date-hungry and wanted boys to take them to the banquet [which, might I add, was an entire forty minutes long].

So early in the week the girls both had a crush on the same guy.  And fought over him all week until the girlie’s sister wrote an asking-out note to the guy and he said yes to going to the banquet with the girlie.  And then B was crushed and a ridiculous amount of fighting ensued.  It was exhausting.  I spent one night chasing the girlie and the guy around during a night game [did I mention the girlie is fast?]

And seriously, it was driving me nuts.  I’m not good with boy drama, especially of the sort that involves a thirteen-year-old and Bible camp.  But really, try reasoning with hormonal kids that “You’re young, you have enough time for this later in life.  We’re at camp to learn more about God, and yeah, make new friends, but having a boyfriend isn’t all that important with where you’re at in life right now.”

Because, yeah, they don’t take that.

Anyway, later in the week, the guy got fed-up and exclaimed “Fine, I’m not going with anybody anymore”.  And that was kind of the end of the fighting between B and the girlie for the most part.  Thank goodness, sort of.

So, yeah, B and the girlie were total teenage girls all this week, frustrating for me, but unavoidable.  Somewhat like the girlie, B needs more support but not necessarily a one-on-one support worker.  Meaning, I spent some time trying to help her and deal with her problems too.  Fortunately, the girlie is very caring and was for the most part very okay with sharing me.  While she can be difficult because of her ADHD and developmental delays, there are times where Jesus’ love shines through her in HUGE ways.

Which will become evident in an upcoming post.


camp cerebrations one: thursday

it’s no accident we’re here tonight, we are once in a lifetime

needle and haystack life, switchfoot

Thursday was a rougher day.  I felt like I had to coax, argue, plead with the girlie to participate all day.  I spent a lot of my downtime/solitary supervision time at camp praying anyway, but I was really asking God for strength, persistence and most importantly patience.

I never thought it would end [or Friday would begin] so beautifully though, through all the chaos.

I had to plead with the girlie to get out of bed to go to the bathroom and brush her teeth.  She wasn’t biting at all.  Wouldn’t move.  This had gone on all day and my patience at 11:30 was just done.  I broke down, tearfully pleading her to just get ready for bed.  Finally I just couldn’t stand it anymore and asked E, another camper who was absolutely amazing to have around, to ask Nadine [the girls’ counsellor and an amazing person] to deal with the girlie while I went to the bathroom and got ready for bed.

I was better by the time I got back to the cabin.  I was just tired, exasperated and frustrated.  As I was coming back, E was taking the girlie to the bathroom to get ready for bed.  I was so, so grateful for that girl.

When they got back, the girlie sat with me for a bit and we talked.  Her ankle hurt, she wasn’t feeling good . . . mostly, though, I think she was just tired.  So was I.  We hugged it out, were okay, and she climbed up to her bunk and fell asleep relatively quickly.

E and R were still up talking after everybody had fallen asleep, and I joined them haphazardly a bit, but then decided to roll over and try to sleep.  I’d been noticing change in E in chapel–resistance changing to longing for exploration of God.  I saw so, so much of myself six years ago in her and I really, really wanted to hear her story so far, where she was at.

“Okay, I can’t sleep, your conversation is getting too good.  So, [E], where are you at with God?”

She told me that at the beginning of the week she’d not been a believer.  She hated chapel, hated worship.  Hated devotions.  Like I did my first year of camp before I believed in God.

Then, she said, she’d done a one-eighty.  That everything around her felt so genuine, so real, that she believed in God.

I am so, so excited for her journey.  To see where God takes her.

“Is it okay if I sit on your bunk?”

“For sure.”

We talked until nearly two am.  I prayed for her, her journey with God, her Opa who’s been sick.  We prayed for healing.

I had, once again, the opportunity to tell my story.  Both E and R looked at me wide-eyed and couldn’t believe the stories of who I used to be.  And it is ALL God responsible for that change.  Our amazing, awesome God.

As we were talking, the Switchfoot lyric from above came into my head, and I quoted the first half.  “You know, another thing is that I don’t believe that the fact we’re here having this conversation right now is an accident.  I think there’s a reason for everything.  Talking with you girls has been so, so good.  All that’s lead to this . . . this moment . . . happened for a reason.  And that is so, so cool.”

R and E told me some of their stories, their journeys with God.  I love hearing where people are at, where they’ve come from.  R, it sounds, has always had deep faith.  E went to church when she was younger, then it faded out, and I’m praying now that she’s recommitted to Jesus and that He’s helping her to take on everything she’s faced and is facing in life with Him at her side for support.

You’re not here by accident . . . and life it lives.

life, flyleaf

Thank You, Jesus for beautiful transformation, beautiful change and beautiful stories.


(to be continued)

cars and crazy

Today at work we went to Cars 2.  That’s beside the point, but really, it was too hot to go mini-golfing, so spending the afternoon semi-freezing in the movie theatre was a good second, am I right?  It was cute and like most movies intended for children was full of good lessons about friendship and deactivating bombs so as to let people live.  Also, i now love Mater.

True story, i never saw Cars.  So I have no idea what actually tied into the first one or maybe nothing did, I don’t know  But yeah, I love Mater.

Also I got kind of bored and was hoping kids would have to go to the bathroom so I could go walk around.  I met up with the assistant director on one of my two ventures out there [only two. I know.] and she was like “You can go back into the movie, I’ll wait”.  I was all “NO, I’m getting too fidgety in there, I need to move around a bit.”

This is why I’m bad at movies.  About half an hour in I get all restless and need to move around.  Shifting my position every twenty seconds wasn’t doing good enough for me.  Even when we’re at the centre, I rarely, you know, am SITTING for any longer than about twenty minutes.


Anyway, that wasn’t even the point of this post.  At lunch today my boss called me crazy.  “No offence.  I like crazy.  That’s why I hired ya.”

I love my boss.  She SO has me figured out.

She was like “I told the girls [my coworkers] ‘Kerri’s a little different . . . but very happy and positive.'”


And crazy.  [If you’ve been around here any length of time, I’m sure you’ve figured that out already.]

12 of 12 – july ’11!

On the 12th of the month, a bunch of bloggers from around the world take 12 pictures throughout the day.  These are my pictures for July 12th, 2011!\


2:36 pm – bus. I forgot about 12 of 12 until we were coming home from our zoo field trip.  So, no animal pictures or fancy playground pictures or anything, how lame is that?  Just the bus in the rearview mirror.  The kiddo I was sitting with thought this picture was really cool :]

Also, everything at the zoo basically was closed and it kind of sucked.  Lamesauce.


4:44 pm – Tara’s house. This is Tara’s kitchen phone.  Appropriate, no? :]


6:05 pm – Tara’s car. This is Tara driving back to my house after we bought ice cream and the [UBER EXCITING!] article in the next picture.


6:31 pm – kitchen. I LOVE INCUBUS!!  New album came out today, so Tara drove us to the mall so I could buy it.  Also we bought ice cream :].  So stoked on this album, it’s SO different than their older stuff.


8:05 pm – kitchen. Timetable for next fall. Was trying to move my Anatomy lab but just left it there.  This schedule also allows me to accumulate 8.5 hours of work a week, so work is also happy and fully agreeable with that.  I love them.


8:50 pm – car. On my way to my grandparents, my home for the week.


9:31 pm – grandparents house. Bit of laundry and some kid art!


9:50 pm – bathroom. Stop.  Showertime.


11:14 pm – bedroom. Ready for work.


11:16 pm – bedroom. My life on a table?  Ye-eah for athletic tape that I used to tape up my knee after screwing it up slightly playing soccer at work!  And, you know, puffers and chocolate my grandma gave me.  And stuff.


11:16 pm – bedroom. Wearin’ this to work tomorrow [today].  Because nobody at work seems to object to me wearing my Dropkick Murphys shirt.


11:30 pm – bedroom. This is the room I live in at my grandparents.  The blanket under all the other blankets and under the pillows is simply to hold the pillow I was using to keep my knee up a bit slightly stiller.  Not really sure it succeeded, but oh well.  Good night!


12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell.  Thanks Chad, and thanks to the rest of you 12’ers for sharing your lives for a day!  See you in August!

videos and kin ball dreamin’

So, since my boss thinks it’s a good idea to make summer videos at work, I wonder if I can convince her we need a Kin Ball.

How is that not a good idea?  They’re so fun.  I hated gym in high school and even I liked Kin Ball.


Either way, I get to make videos at work all of July.  So awesome.

Apparently I’m doing really well at work.  That makes me happy, because I feel I am sucking at the routine stuff.  Apparently I’m doing fine, so that is awesome.


Though, I work at 7:30 tomorrow so I should probably go to bed.

hello shiny macbook

I like this thing. I’m having a little trouble making the switch over from Windows [like finding a blog editor, for example. I’m on Blogo now, but after 21 days I have to pay for it if I wanna keep it, so we’ll see.]

But really, I can edit videos again and play with Photo Booth. Hooray!

So school is done for this year. For the first time since August ’10, I don’t have ANY studying, school, anything hanging over my head. I’m DONE my second year of university and my first year of kinesiology and applied health as of yesterday when my Spring course wrapped up. I’m loving kinesiology, so let’s hope that love stays alive next year when I’m stuck at school for afternoon labs and my schedule sucks and I can’t work much!

Work, that’s pretty good. Slowly learning the kids names, slowly getting more used to it. This is the beginning of week three.

the lighthouse lost its light on her a long time ago / she got so used to it, this long and winding road / i’ll never ever let you go / “i can’t believe” she whispered to me / i don’t wanna breathe

—Lighthouse, Live

First day at the new job was today.  Last day at the old job is tomorrow.

And I think I’ll always probably wonder, in eight months, did I even help to change anything in them?

. . . Or did they just change me?