finding Jesus

A few years ago my grandma gave me a teeny glass nativity.  It contained, of course, teeny glass baby Jesus.  Except Jesus went missing.  I hope he just grew up and went off to shepherd or something, because missing Baby Jesus actually makes me really sad.

My mom was just looking for baby Jesus and walked out of the dining room about to move onto whatever her next task was

MOM: What am I doing?

ME: Finding Jesus?

MOM: I can’t find him.

ME: *sad face*

MOM: Just say ‘Mom, I know you haven’t found Jesus’

In context, I didn’t grow up in a Christian family.  And while most of the time I’m okay with it, sometimes, it’s just a little hard having this fire, this passion, and nobody getting it.

Also, Baby Jesus is still missing, and that really sucks.  I mean, I know Baby Jesus is just a little piece of glass, but lacking Baby Jesus kind of makes a nativity pointless.


2 thoughts on “finding Jesus

    • Hey Andy! Thanks for dropping by (though, it usually doesn’t look a mess round here!). And thanks for the prayer assault–best kinda assault ever. Good thing I got my Christ fam, eh? 😀

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