sport shopping day 2010

That’s right folks.  Boxing day is SO a sport.  At least in my family.  This morning, I wasn’t wearing the team uniform for Team Discovery Channel, which is a toque.  My teammates [cousins] Dean and Alyssa almost kicked me off the team, so I bought this toque at our second stop [SportChek] so I would be reinstated as a member.  I missed the meeting, okay?!

Thank goodness it was $7.88.  Actually, I really like it.  I just have a lot of toques, but this was a toque emergency.


Yes the butterflies are upside down,  I don’t know what is up with that.  They are unique or something.  Yes, also, I am wearing too hoodies and a toque indoors.  It is Canada in here.  By which I mean cold.

Our team race was not as intense this year.  I don’t know who actually won or whatever.  All I know is I checked into enough music stores to get the Ellen Sounds So Good badge on Foursquare.  Because I am a nerd, thank you very much.

I also bought the most expensive item, I believe.  Check out my epic setup.


But if I got a prize for that, it would be relinquished, as said shiny monitor is going back to Best Buy because while it is cool to be able to tweet from one monitor and YouTube on the other, it is not worth keeping a monitor for that when that is not the purpose you purchased said $79 monitor for.  Because I thought I would be able to, you know, actually USE the options in my video editing software and show the PREVIEW on the secondary monitor while editing on the primary [laptop] monitor.  And through four hours of trying, I cannot.  So, Shiny Monitor is back in its box and is heading on a voyage back to Best Buy in a few days.

I also bought pink guitar picks and a guitar stand for my father since he was jealous of the one that I got from my mom for Christmas.  You know how it is.  The epic guy at Quest had to “rob” one for me from beneath an on-sale Dean guitar.  Which is, you know, EPIC.  And then Dean was carrying it and dropped a piece on the sidewalk and a guy saw and picked it up and then we realized and he was like “I thought I was going to have to run after you guys down the street.”  And we all had a good laugh and thanked him.

We also managed to get from one music store to another by only turning once, which was pretty magical, especially considering we didn’t actually know where we were going.  Go mine and Dean’s navigation skills—or lack-there-of.

Also, I got new epic PJ pants from my grandma.  They have freaking DUCKS on them.  And they are PINK and POLAR FLEECE and SOFT.  Also, did I say DUCKS?  Ducks are freaking awesome.  I never had any sort of attraction to ducks until now, but yeah, they are cute.


12 of 12 – december ‘10

Last 12 of 12 of 2010!

On the 12th of each month, a bunch of bloggers take 12 pictures throughout the day.  These are my pictures for December 12th, 2010.


7:15 AM – bed.  Eff.  I have to get up and go to church in this?  Good thing I love my church.


7:47 am – bus stop.  This is the biggest lie I have seen ever.  Or today at least.  Canada?  Warm?


8:49 am – church.  Oh how I love my church’s proximity to Starbucks.  Although my gingerbread latte was totally, totally a letdown.  I had to go back tonight and have a caramel apple spice to make myself feel better.DSCF5673 10:46 am – church.  Our first kiddo arrived in the three year old room.  She was super-intensely writing a list on an offering envelope.


1:50 pm – kitchen.  What this open Dr Pepper can is doing amongst the produce I have no idea.


3:16 pm – kitchen.  Studying sociology.  Evil, evil textbook.  Well, I guess since I was reading about maltreatment, it is evil.


3:19 pm – kitchen.  I went to my room for popcorn twists [which were semi-stale] and found a totally hardened muffin.  I am fortunate muffins do not mold, or I would probably have puked.  I do not do mold.


5:42 pm – bedroom.  I finally had enough with the inhaler hits [my lungs hate winter] and did a breathing treatment, which has kept me pretty dang open the last six hours.  Even though my neb was doing something weird and it took FOREVER to do a freaking unit dose.  I hate asthma.


5:44 pm – bathroom.  See how cold it is?  I am wearing FOUR layers on my upper body.  In your face, Canada.


6:46 pm = church.  Enter the Farewell Party for the epic and lovely Browns.  This “welcome.  we’re glad you’re with us today.” sign makes me feel really good whenever I walk into my church.  I’m totally, totally blessed to be here and to have gotten to experience the awesome love that is Drew and Sara the last three and a half months.


9:59 pm – church.  My lovely friends Tiffani [left] and Tara [right].  They are sisters and awesome.


11:14 pm – kitchen.  Posting my 12 of 12.  One of my pictures didn’t turn out as I thought it did, so I’m short one, kay?  Dang. ;-)  Short one no longer! [Well, I’m still a short one :)].

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell.  Click here to see all the December 12 of 12s.

It’s been a great year, all – see you in 2011!

remembrance day – justice and mercy

Living in a country that is at peace, it’s not part of my everyday to think about war, about mass violence, unrest and fear.  Though my country is at peace, there are many fine men and women who have sacrificed themselves in many ways for the security of my country, and to bring hope to others who are not as fortunate as Canada is.  Countries where bombings, shootings and landmines are a very real reality.

The effect of the Canadian Forces on my life is both direct and distant.  I am free because they work hard to promote peace.  I am free because people from my country and others have died in working to create peace globally.  It isn’t fair, but it’s what has happened in the past, and what is still happening.  It is because of the Canadian Forces that I did not grow up exposed to warfare and violence.

So today, I think.  I think about what people I have never met have done for me, my community, and my country, to allow me to experience this peace.  I think about those who survived going to war; those who came back changed forever, their families changed, by their experiences.  I think about their families and friends, who have seen first-hand the transformation take place.

I think about those who made the ultimate sacrifice – who left everything they had here, left their families and friends, to fight, and died in battle.  I think of and pray for their friends and families, who live every day knowing that their loved one died fighting against injustice.  But who miss and love them deeply.

And I think of the men and women who are serving now, near and abroad, and the things they are doing every day to restore peace and justice in a broken world.  And I know that we cannot forget the sacrifices that have been made by all of these people.  I pray for restoration, for healing, for hope.  And we remember.

we can’t be oblivious / we are not ignorant / blood in our hearts / blood on our hands / we’re human, we reason / we’re breathing, protecting / the living and dying / surviving, we’re trying / to breathe in safety, come home safely

mercy screams its violent love / justice and mercy / the depth of us created for / justice and mercy / this is where they kiss

life here sacrificed / someone who paid the price / blood in our hearts / blood on our hands / we cry out, we’re fighting / it’s warfare, we’re dying / believing, we’re winning / it’s ending, we’re singing / its already done, we’ve overcome

with a life on the line / the fire / that consumes or refines / the finer / to ascend or decline / to retreat or to climb / out of sight out of mind / till attacked from behind / will this fire . . . consume or refine?

justice and mercy, flyleaf

This year and last, have clung to this song which was written by Flyleaf with the American military in mind.  Clung to the hope that those who have fought, and lived or died, will never be forgotten for what they have done, and what they continue to do.