“you might as well believe in God . . . if you do, so what. if you don’t . . . who KNOWS what could happen”

—Sociology Prof’s Friend


sociology and swearing

Someone just said "My coworker’s five year old daughter asked her why fuck was a bad word and the five year old connected it as fuck -> sex -> babies -> good.”

Prof: “Therefore, the loop continues and fuck is good."

I love children.  And sociology.

We are only socialized into thinking fuck is bad.  Because really, it’s just another word.

reading full assignment criteria

I just got all excited.  I’m working on a sociology paper on major theories of social development, and I was thinking I would expand on that and write about social development theories in children with pervasive developmental disorders [autism spectrum disorders such as high functioning autism, Asperger syndrome, PDD-NOS . . .] except I can’t.  Because that does not explain why some people in society have everything they could ever need, and some people have nothing.

Plus this paper is only two pages.  Double spaced.  Meaning, I have like, no room to write anything deep and technical like stuff on pervasive developmental disorders, even if that is what I want to do.

Also, the social justice component is going to eat up a lot of words.  Social justice issues are, you know, one of my passions.