hello shiny macbook

I like this thing. I’m having a little trouble making the switch over from Windows [like finding a blog editor, for example. I’m on Blogo now, but after 21 days I have to pay for it if I wanna keep it, so we’ll see.]

But really, I can edit videos again and play with Photo Booth. Hooray!

So school is done for this year. For the first time since August ’10, I don’t have ANY studying, school, anything hanging over my head. I’m DONE my second year of university and my first year of kinesiology and applied health as of yesterday when my Spring course wrapped up. I’m loving kinesiology, so let’s hope that love stays alive next year when I’m stuck at school for afternoon labs and my schedule sucks and I can’t work much!

Work, that’s pretty good. Slowly learning the kids names, slowly getting more used to it. This is the beginning of week three.


12 of 12 – may ‘11!

On the 12th of each month, a bunch of bloggers take 12 pictures throughout the day.  Here are my pictures for May 12th, 2011!


9: 04 am – Athletic Center Nap Area.  Here I was trying to do readings, and there were HUNDREDS of high school kids roaming around and screaming in the nap area.  I have no idea why they were on campus, but they were highly distracting.


9:38 am – Nap area.  Finally I got sick of them and got up and weaved through about 300 more of them and grabbed a London Fog and a muffin.  And then, magically, they were gone!  [The field in the background is where my class played tag last week!]


2:36 pm – mall.  Lucas.  They honestly do NOT get cuter than my friend Kelly’s son.


4:02 pm – kitchen.  Life of a kinesiology student.  Gym clothes and textbooks about physical activity are seriously cluttering my kitchen.  It’s mandatory for me to wear gym clothes [including sweatpants] to school on gym prac days, so it ends up all over the place, as do old textbooks that are applicable to current papers.


4:05 pm – bathroom.  Exciting, eh?  So I figure that being a vegetarian who often forgets to eat until, you know, two PM and is semi-active, I should probably start taking vitamins again.  Centrum makes vitamins called Performance that have higher levels of B-vitamins, but at the pharmacy I looked at on Tuesday they were $26.  At Shoppers, they were $16.  I bought the store-brand and they were $10 for 5 more.  Yay vitamins?


4:11 pm – kitchen.  My hard drive works a ton better when I actually plug it into my computer.  Makes sense.


6:22 pm – kitchen.  Have seriously been listening to this song all day.


6:31 pm – bathroom.  I no lie am dumb enough that I went into the bathroom to use the mirror to take a picture of the shirt I was wearing, only to realize that, DUH, the words would be backwards.  Why I did not take this one in my room is a mystery.  Anyway, that is the shirt I am wearing today.


6:55 pm – costco.  WHY ARE THE COSTCO CARTS SO FREAKING TALL??  Also why does everybody pronounce it “cosco” instead of “cosTco”?  By the way, CosTco only seems to have workout pants in large and extra large.  Do they believe that small people like myself don’t have to work out?!


8:07 pm – marble slab.  Sam and I went for ice cream to the Marble Slab.  You know, to pay $8.25 for ice cream.  It was delicious, though—called Girl’s Best Friend or something, b-day cake ice cream, brownie bits and cookie dough with chocolate syrup blended in . . . and in a white-chocolate waffle-bowl.  I did indeed find happiness within the container.

NEED to work out tomorrow.

DSCF7827 8:55 pm – bedroom.  We then came back to my house and sat in my room for all of three songs with the hippie lights on.


9:35 pm – wal-mart.  Then we went to Wal-Mart on a mission.  Except it involved actually buying stuff and not shenanigans [whoa, that video was a year ago yesterday!].  PS. I hate wal-mart.

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell.  To see all the other 12s from around the world, check out his site as he’s been gracious to let us infiltrate his blog space with our links for another year!  Thanks Chad!

feedback – “athletes are like dogs”

Just one of many great things my profs have said this term came through my head as I am prepping for my kinese final in 17 hours.

You can’t yell at a dog for pissing on the carpet the next day, he’s not going to remember.  You have to give him immediate feedback.  Athletes are like dogs.  You have to give them immediate feedback or they won’t remember what the did wrong

intro kinesiology prof

That is all.  Apparently stupid quotes (and rants about frost on the inside of car windows) make me remember stuff.

clearing my head . . .

Getting better.

i don’t know what to pray for / i don’t know what to say / but my heart is breaking and i am thinking that things shouldn’t be this way / we’re stretched, we’re pulled and twisted / in ways we weren’t meant to be / it’s just too hard to let life pass quietly

hold on, let go / it’s so hard to know / what is right, what is right / hold on, let go / well it’s so hard to know what is right / what is right / what is right . . .

i want so bad to keep you / but i know that it is time / so i give you up, but not in my mind / your voice, your laugh and your stories / the things that you helped me through / your faith has helped me grow / it’s brought you home, too

hold on let go, addison road

It was one of those things that I knew was coming, and I’m glad it came sooner than later.  Donald and I broke up today, it was mutual.  We are okay with that.  We proceeded to hang out and eat Easy Cheese and play guitar and listen to Resident Hero afterwards.  Some things just aren’t meant to be.

Now, time to clear my head.  Gotta get for a walk if it’ll ever stop snowing/being cold.  Three days of classes to go.  Life is crazy.

knowledge, people first and adapting

Last term I was in developmental psychology for a good, oh, quarter term.  During the span of the time in this class, my prof—who was, granted, nearing his seventies—constantly referred to children as their disability first and as children second.  NOT okay.

It pissed me off, so I wrote him a stern but not condescending e-mail exemplifying his errors and explaining HOW to rectify his speech.  I wrote the message sitting in the front row of his class, and received a simple “thank you, Kerri” in response about ten minutes after class concluded.  The next class, he tried to drop an ‘autistic child’ as he had been doing.  He got to “autis—“ paused, and said “child with autism”.

I recieved an e-mail that said a child “IS special needs”.  [ALL kids have special needs, so I actually don’t like that catch-all too much either].

A child is NOT their difference, their disability, their special need . . .

They are who they are and who they are likely is partly shaped by how they have been socialized to feel about who they are with regard to their disability.

As a leader, a facilitator, a friend, it is important for me to know how I can best adapt a program to ANY child’s unique circumstances.  Because knowing SOME level of specifics makes so much make more sense.  How chain-reactions occur, what to watch for, and how far it is okay to push—a big thing we’re dealing with at work with some kids right now.  As a leader, facilitator and friend, it’s hard to adapt something to a child if there’s something behind the scenes I don’t know about.

But all in all, I still need to know the child, the person first.  I go by the same saying with many, if not all, chronic medical conditions, disabilities, et cetera I encounter . . . In my own case “asthma does not define me . . .  but it helps explain me”.

Nutrition exam is over.  I BS’ed an answer or two, probably.  I went on a ramble about ATP in a question about concerns regarding low-carbohydrate diets.  We talked about ATP in intro kinesiology this morning.  I am like an ATP ninja, sort of.  Without the ninja, and without a full grasp of ATP.  So mostly not an ATP ninja.

I got stuck a bunch.  At one point I found myself stretched over the table, at another looking up to the ceiling and being all “Jesus, help me, please.” It is fortunate I was in a little room by myself, even though it had windows, I don’t think my invigilator was too much staring at my sprawling half on the desk or staring at the ceiling or playing with my hair when I spaced out.

So pending I got 55% it is over, except the assignment I have to finish.

And rock, hopefully.