oh happiness . . .

Awesome night tonight.  Brenda and I baked cookies.  It was nuts.  We had to combine our knowledge in order to make them happen, but they totally did.

We also partied to Addison Road, pretended to know words to Christmas songs and spent far, far too much money on candy in Superstore and had adventures in self-checkout.

Also, we missed Elisa, because the studio and school-land ate her and kept her from us.

Friday’s small group night is gonna rock, if tonight is any indication.


london fog, smiling . . . and my God

Tara has introduced me to the London Fog.  It is delicious.  I meant to have an awesome moment this morning drinking a London Fog and writing a blog post reflecting on God making me smile, except, the London Fog was gone too fast because it was that good.

I think it would be cool to have coffee with Jesus.  One of my camp counselors, Lisa, once wrote in her blog that she was a firm believer that the Bible should be enjoyed along with something hot and yummy.  I would definitely have to agree with this statement.  Which I guess is probably the closest equivalent we would have to being able to have coffee with jesus.  I also think something hot and yummy would be an excellent addition to reflecting on God and what God is doing.  Blogging with a London Fog would have been awesome, except, I was too distracted.

So, on the way to school, I wrote this:

My God is making me smile this week.  He is igniting things in my heart, and promises of His love that I’ve heard dozens of times before, in church, in songs, are making me smile.

It’s true.  Yesterday Sam, Tara, TaraLin, Kim and I joined in the sea of pink and white and did the Run for the Cure.  It was awesome, albeit, rushed.  Too rushed.  Time was not taken as fully to reignite hope for all those and their families and friends still facing breast cancer, scared of cancer, every single day.  I’ve been there with my grandma . . .  It could have been done differently, and it was not one of their better presentations.  It should be about fun, but it should be about something more . . .


Afterwards, Sam, Tara and I made it to church.

Church was awesome.  I was feeling it hardcore.  Real.  A simple topic, the Bible, being explored for real.  Like, that there is good stuff in there.  Stories with impact and fire that are only a couple verses long.  But the hardest part . . . is getting your Bible open.  Indeed.  Completely.  Worship involved songs that truly resonate in me – In This City, Our God . . . it was awesome . . .

Then I realized something.

So music is a huge way that I connect with God.  But here’s what I realized: I could sing He Loves Us every day.  And not get sick of it, and not have it lose any meaning.  I feel so alive whenever we sing it in church; I kinda missed it yesterday.  The message in He Loves Us is one that I feel really resonates with me, which I wrote about before.  The words make me smile.

But yesterday, I was finding other lyrics that made me smile.

  • and if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us, and if our God is with us, then what could stand against?     –Our God, Chris Tomlin

The other thing with Our God, is that it holds the quality of NOT rejecting other faiths even though they may not be what we believe, as many songs do.  “Our God is greater, our God is stronger, God You are higher than any other”.  As a Christian, I worship only my God, not others.  But does that mean I reject that other gods could exist?  Of course not.  Surely my God created belief and disbelief in His and other faiths for a reason.  Everything for a reason.

Our God is bigger than life itself.  God inspired those lyrics, those same lyrics that made me smile . . .  God inspired every single Bible verse that makes me happy.  God creates the hope that we need to be happy.

God makes me smile.

to be happy now

happy now

Happiness.  Screw the idea from yesterday for now, we’re gonna talk happiness.  Or the opposite.  Whichever happens.  I don’t know if happiness can truly be discovered without exploring the opposite side.

The person I am now, you probably wouldn’t think I know too much about unhappiness.  I’ll say it, I’ve been there, and I was there for way too long.  Another story for another time.  But I do know from experience, that being happy is way, way more fun than being unhappy.  Because being depressed definitely messes you up.  Sometimes it’s not something you can control, but people who deal with legit depression I’ve found don’t use it to get attention.  It’s the last thing they want anybody to notice.

You know the phrase “emo” that rose up about five or six years ago?  Yeah, that stuff drives me crazy.  Because the majority of these emo people, people who think they’re so depressed, their lives suck so much, really have nothing to complain about.  I’m not saying they don’t have problems, because everybody has problems.  They just deal with it in a way that they think will get them attention.  Because they’re so vulnerable and broken emotionally.  And they play it like a game.

Depression is serious and depression is not a game.  Depression has to do with brain chemistry and it’s bigger than choosing to be sad when things aren’t going your way.  Depression is every day, every minute, and you can’t just choose to end it—it’s a medical condition that usually requires treatment.

Having problems sucks.  Having emotional problems sucks.  I get that.  I may even get that more than the average person.  Always, always, if it is sought out correctly, healing is an option.  Healing can be the absolute hardest part.


But I’ve had enough of the emo bullshit.  Because there is never a reason to want to be sad, to choose to be unhappy.  That’s just stupid and moronic.  Because there is so much in this world to be happy about, so much we’re blessed with . . . every single day.

We’re all healing from whatever life’s thrown at us.  At least, I know I am . . . are you?