12 of 12 – january ‘11!

On the 12th of each month, a bunch of bloggers take 12 pictures throughout the day.  Here are my pictures for January 12th, 2011.  Happy New Year, 12’ers!


7:25 am – bathroom.  Good morning eight e-mails that accumulated overnight.  Yeah I check e-mails while brushing my teeth, don’t judge ;).  I love getting e-mails.


8:45 am – school/top of escalator 1.  Student paperwork.  Major declaration form.


9:40 am – school/hallway.  Breakfast.  I actually brought food with me [granola bars and water] but apparently my attempts at eating healthy were foiled by organic cafe food – London Fog and a cinnamon bun!


12:57 pm – school/mom’s office.  The contents of my backpack, mostly.  I was trying to find my bus-pass, which was, you know, not there.


1:09 pm – school/caf.  Reading my Issues in Health textbook before I head ‘er to work.

3:06 pm – work.  Yeah, you wish you worked here too!  Snapped this with my phone!


4:22 pm – sidewalk.  Walking to the bus after work.  This is one of those power transformer thingies.  I see them all the time but I never take pictures of them, despite how I always think that they’re cool.


4:56 pm – sidewalk.  Walking home from the bus stop on my end after work.  Life on the prairies!


5:02 pm – path.  They have honestly been building houses in this development since the summer of ‘09.  Move it along, people.  Also, I thought those icicles were intense.


5:40 pm – kitchen.  Dinner.  I’ve got Goldfishie crackers in my soup and rice!


8:15 pm – kitchen.  Got bored of studying, so I made a new bracelet for my medical tag.  See where I effed up?  Fail!  [For those of you wandering by who don’t know me and are curious, this thing tells people who I am and who to call if I spontaneously combust or something.  Actually, I have asthma.]


8:16 pm – kitchen.  Sheesh, being a student is hard.  We have to read a lot.  And unlike all of first year, and last term, I am making an effort to keep up with readings this term.  Except Religion is preventing me from doing that because he assigns us like 100 pages of really heavy reading a week.  And this is what the rest of my evening will look like – my kinesiology textbooks.

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell.  To see all the other 12s from around the world, check out his site as he’s been gracious to let us infiltrate his blog space with our links for another year!


the past week in pictures . . .


Monday coffee with Kelly.  Starbucks and open discussions about God are a really awesome combination, I think.  See also: Jesus and London Fogs.


I’ve been meaning to take a picture of this for ages, AKA, since I discovered this door.  Best door ever in the chem department.


Dear Wal-Mart, I already didn’t like you, but you really need mirrors.  Because then I wouldn’t require cellphone pictures of myself making ridiculous faces whilst wearing your clothes.  Granted I was not in a fitting room, but what if I were trying on a hat or something?  Dig those plaid shirts?  I’m going to go back and get the pink and black one behind my head, I think.


New Bose, thank goodness.  I ❤ product replacement plans.  For expensive headphones, they are so worth it.  The right wire came loose on the last one, and the l-piece had been falling apart for ever but still functioned so I just kept taping it.  No big.  Now my headphones are functional AND do not require tape.


First sub-zero slurpee of the season on Friday!  The gloves were only necessary because the Slurpee was cold.  Also, I could have used a scarf.  C’est la vie.