12 of 12 – august ’11!

On the 12th of each month, a bunch of bloggers from around the world take 12 pictures throughout the day.  Here are my pictures for August 12th, 2011!


8:33 am – bathroom. This is my new digital peak flow/FEV1 meter, it’s pretty sweet.  This thing basically shows how my silly asthmatic lungs are working at a given time.  It’s fancy.

See also — ziploc bags of junk I still haven’t unpacked from working at camp last week.


10:46 am – kitchen. Peanut butter and nutella sandwich.  Yes, for serious.  So yummy.  It’s like a Reese’s peanut butter cup in sandwich form.


11:53 am – the bay. This makeup counter was playing really weird techno/poppy music about makeup.  I was highly confused.  I kind of wish I took a video.


11:56 am – weird light things. Because yes, that is a location.  And yes these are lights.  They are known as the “weird light things” by the person in the next picture and I! :]


12:05 pm – downtown. OH MY GOODNESS!  IT IS BETHANY!!  Bethany writes a blog called Me With D, and we discovered awhile back that not only do we have the same ophthalmologist [and the same pedi ophthalmologist back in the day] we’re fairly often in rather close proximity to one another.  Anyway, it took several months but we finally met up on a 12 of 12 day!  Bethany is awesome — our wander was so much fun.  Except we kind of got distracted from taking pictures because of talking ;).


12:13 pm – memorial park. Wandering.  Taking pictures.  Feeling like tourists.  [We got slightly sprayed/misted by one of these fountains on our way back, it was awesome.]


12:27 pm – downtown. Oldschool prison. Creepy, but awesome.


12:50 pm – lawn at school. Ran into my cousin, Dean, as I texted him when Bethany and I split and he was at the hotdog cart nearby.  He is a nice cousin and bought me iced tea.


6:07 pm – kitchen. Dinner.  So good.


7:55 pm – shooters. Mini-golf!  My shoes are so match-y.


8:10 pm – shooters. HOLE IN ONE!


9:01 pm – perkins. Oh my goodness.  I have wanted this sundae for so long, but I always ended up at Perkins for actual meals and was too full after for dessert.  So awesome.

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell.  Check out his blog to see a list of all August 12 of 12s.  Thanks for allowing us to infiltrate your blog space for another year, Chad, and for dreaming up this great project!


words of thoughts. + switchfoot concert.

i turned twenty this weekend.

i spent lots of the weekend tweeting in lowercase, listening to music, and just thinking.  i ate a lot of cupcakes.  i watched tlc and mtv and hung out with some of my family.

i ate amazing smores brownies from none other than our awesome neighbour Lori, the master chef of the Little Kitchen on the Prairie.


i spent a few hours writing late at night.  so good.  so, so good.  i hope to expand on some of that in the blog soon.  it was full of stuff that has been brewing a long time, but has finally surfaced as to what i really need, what i really mean.  i’m really excited about that.

photo (47)

i culminated and ended the weekend with brenda and tara at an amazing, amazing show by the amazing, amazing switchfoot.  brenda scored us amazing seats.

so. much. talent.








my God is full of awesome

don’t look at the past again / the first and last has made everything new / and you are too / so lift your hands / and let your story be told

Break Your Knees, Flyleaf

The power of worship, community and love just overwhelms me sometimes. And the power of any of these things would not be able to exist without a very loving, powerful and overwhelming God.

Ground Zero tonight was awesome—inspiring, refreshing, recharging.

There is something very awesome about praying with your sisters in Christ—praying with people who are perhaps just discovering the redemptive love of Jesus in their lives.  There is something very awesome about being on your knees in awe of all that God can, has and WILL do.  There is something very awesome about feeling the stillness, the love and the PRESENCE and WHOLENESS of God.

There is something awesome about knowing that no matter what, He CAN and WILL make it all become okay and that we can TRUST Him in that—that we can trust him in anything.

There is nothing more awesome.  There is nothing more I could want in life than to know MORE of that awesome.

12 of 12 – april ‘11!

On the 12th of each month, a bunch of bloggers take 12 pictures throughout the day.  Here are my pictures for April 12th, 2011!


8:48 am – bedroom. My e-mail seriously never sleeps, even when I do.


9:01 am – kitchen. Since I don’t drink coffee, Ventolin has been trying to make itself my replacement for a few years.  Still trying to show the lungs who’s boss :).


12:36 pm – kitchen. Remnants of lunch. I was hungry and forgot to take a picture first, okay?  It was chocolate milk, grilled cheese and peaches!


1:27 pm – kitchen. This is basically what I looked at all day, except different pages.  Intro kinesiology final on the 13th.



1:34 pm – bedroom. Slightly broken guitar, I want to play you.  Must.  Study.


2:48 pm – entry. Waiting for my coworker to pick me up to go to work.  I love this backpack so much, it’s the perfect size for non-school adventures.  Also love getting rides to work form my awesome coworker.  Also, my coworkers are awesome.


2:53 pm – front yard. Apparently I liked this?  Grabbing the recycling bins before I head to work.


2:54 pm – front steps. iPod reminding me to go to work.  I’ve been off for three weeks, I was scared I’d forget.  Actually, it reminds me every week, to be honest.


5:54 pm – kitchen. Dinner.


7:07 pm – kitchen. It never ends. Back to the books [and e-mails apparently].


9:15 pm – kitchen. Actually, I have a quiz to do, too, which serves as good review for part of the exam, I guess.  It’s on this stuff [coaching], Sport and Culture and Issues in Sport.


9:15 pm – kitchen. Getting serious.  Breaking out the GOOD chocolate.

I was at the studying until 12:20 AM in case you care to know.  We will end with chocolate, though, because that is good and that is TWELVE!

By the way, my amazing and talented friend DREW BROWN did his first 12 of 12 today.  He’s not only a passionate follower of Jesus and amazing musician, he’s also a fabulous photographer.  You can see his first ever 12 of 12 here!

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell.  To see all the other 12s from around the world, check out his site as he’s been gracious to let us infiltrate his blog space with our links for another year!  Thanks Chad!

clearing my head . . .

Getting better.

i don’t know what to pray for / i don’t know what to say / but my heart is breaking and i am thinking that things shouldn’t be this way / we’re stretched, we’re pulled and twisted / in ways we weren’t meant to be / it’s just too hard to let life pass quietly

hold on, let go / it’s so hard to know / what is right, what is right / hold on, let go / well it’s so hard to know what is right / what is right / what is right . . .

i want so bad to keep you / but i know that it is time / so i give you up, but not in my mind / your voice, your laugh and your stories / the things that you helped me through / your faith has helped me grow / it’s brought you home, too

hold on let go, addison road

It was one of those things that I knew was coming, and I’m glad it came sooner than later.  Donald and I broke up today, it was mutual.  We are okay with that.  We proceeded to hang out and eat Easy Cheese and play guitar and listen to Resident Hero afterwards.  Some things just aren’t meant to be.

Now, time to clear my head.  Gotta get for a walk if it’ll ever stop snowing/being cold.  Three days of classes to go.  Life is crazy.


Where do you stand with Jesus?

all these things that i have done / the hours i have spent / looking for something to run to / to cover my head / the rain came down in sheets of razors / cutting my face and blocking my way / it was impossible to see the angel that was staring at me

if you could stand tall with me / what are we fighting for? / we have to believe / it was setting us up for more / so much more than we could know / was waiting just down the road / if you could stand tall with me

someone said You were the one / who comes to every man / when his back’s against the wall / and his money’s all been spent / and it’s time to fan the flame, never to walk this way again / will i be the one to rise above? Lord am i strong enough?

it doesn’t matter what we say, it only matters what we do / move past this flesh and blood / see what’s inside of you / i need to know

if you could stand tall, we could be so much, much more.

stand, ed kowalczyk