12 of 12 – may ‘11!

On the 12th of each month, a bunch of bloggers take 12 pictures throughout the day.  Here are my pictures for May 12th, 2011!


9: 04 am – Athletic Center Nap Area.  Here I was trying to do readings, and there were HUNDREDS of high school kids roaming around and screaming in the nap area.  I have no idea why they were on campus, but they were highly distracting.


9:38 am – Nap area.  Finally I got sick of them and got up and weaved through about 300 more of them and grabbed a London Fog and a muffin.  And then, magically, they were gone!  [The field in the background is where my class played tag last week!]


2:36 pm – mall.  Lucas.  They honestly do NOT get cuter than my friend Kelly’s son.


4:02 pm – kitchen.  Life of a kinesiology student.  Gym clothes and textbooks about physical activity are seriously cluttering my kitchen.  It’s mandatory for me to wear gym clothes [including sweatpants] to school on gym prac days, so it ends up all over the place, as do old textbooks that are applicable to current papers.


4:05 pm – bathroom.  Exciting, eh?  So I figure that being a vegetarian who often forgets to eat until, you know, two PM and is semi-active, I should probably start taking vitamins again.  Centrum makes vitamins called Performance that have higher levels of B-vitamins, but at the pharmacy I looked at on Tuesday they were $26.  At Shoppers, they were $16.  I bought the store-brand and they were $10 for 5 more.  Yay vitamins?


4:11 pm – kitchen.  My hard drive works a ton better when I actually plug it into my computer.  Makes sense.


6:22 pm – kitchen.  Have seriously been listening to this song all day.


6:31 pm – bathroom.  I no lie am dumb enough that I went into the bathroom to use the mirror to take a picture of the shirt I was wearing, only to realize that, DUH, the words would be backwards.  Why I did not take this one in my room is a mystery.  Anyway, that is the shirt I am wearing today.


6:55 pm – costco.  WHY ARE THE COSTCO CARTS SO FREAKING TALL??  Also why does everybody pronounce it “cosco” instead of “cosTco”?  By the way, CosTco only seems to have workout pants in large and extra large.  Do they believe that small people like myself don’t have to work out?!


8:07 pm – marble slab.  Sam and I went for ice cream to the Marble Slab.  You know, to pay $8.25 for ice cream.  It was delicious, though—called Girl’s Best Friend or something, b-day cake ice cream, brownie bits and cookie dough with chocolate syrup blended in . . . and in a white-chocolate waffle-bowl.  I did indeed find happiness within the container.

NEED to work out tomorrow.

DSCF7827 8:55 pm – bedroom.  We then came back to my house and sat in my room for all of three songs with the hippie lights on.


9:35 pm – wal-mart.  Then we went to Wal-Mart on a mission.  Except it involved actually buying stuff and not shenanigans [whoa, that video was a year ago yesterday!].  PS. I hate wal-mart.

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12 of 12 – january ‘11!

On the 12th of each month, a bunch of bloggers take 12 pictures throughout the day.  Here are my pictures for January 12th, 2011.  Happy New Year, 12’ers!


7:25 am – bathroom.  Good morning eight e-mails that accumulated overnight.  Yeah I check e-mails while brushing my teeth, don’t judge ;).  I love getting e-mails.


8:45 am – school/top of escalator 1.  Student paperwork.  Major declaration form.


9:40 am – school/hallway.  Breakfast.  I actually brought food with me [granola bars and water] but apparently my attempts at eating healthy were foiled by organic cafe food – London Fog and a cinnamon bun!


12:57 pm – school/mom’s office.  The contents of my backpack, mostly.  I was trying to find my bus-pass, which was, you know, not there.


1:09 pm – school/caf.  Reading my Issues in Health textbook before I head ‘er to work.

3:06 pm – work.  Yeah, you wish you worked here too!  Snapped this with my phone!


4:22 pm – sidewalk.  Walking to the bus after work.  This is one of those power transformer thingies.  I see them all the time but I never take pictures of them, despite how I always think that they’re cool.


4:56 pm – sidewalk.  Walking home from the bus stop on my end after work.  Life on the prairies!


5:02 pm – path.  They have honestly been building houses in this development since the summer of ‘09.  Move it along, people.  Also, I thought those icicles were intense.


5:40 pm – kitchen.  Dinner.  I’ve got Goldfishie crackers in my soup and rice!


8:15 pm – kitchen.  Got bored of studying, so I made a new bracelet for my medical tag.  See where I effed up?  Fail!  [For those of you wandering by who don’t know me and are curious, this thing tells people who I am and who to call if I spontaneously combust or something.  Actually, I have asthma.]


8:16 pm – kitchen.  Sheesh, being a student is hard.  We have to read a lot.  And unlike all of first year, and last term, I am making an effort to keep up with readings this term.  Except Religion is preventing me from doing that because he assigns us like 100 pages of really heavy reading a week.  And this is what the rest of my evening will look like – my kinesiology textbooks.

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell.  To see all the other 12s from around the world, check out his site as he’s been gracious to let us infiltrate his blog space with our links for another year!

london fog, smiling . . . and my God

Tara has introduced me to the London Fog.  It is delicious.  I meant to have an awesome moment this morning drinking a London Fog and writing a blog post reflecting on God making me smile, except, the London Fog was gone too fast because it was that good.

I think it would be cool to have coffee with Jesus.  One of my camp counselors, Lisa, once wrote in her blog that she was a firm believer that the Bible should be enjoyed along with something hot and yummy.  I would definitely have to agree with this statement.  Which I guess is probably the closest equivalent we would have to being able to have coffee with jesus.  I also think something hot and yummy would be an excellent addition to reflecting on God and what God is doing.  Blogging with a London Fog would have been awesome, except, I was too distracted.

So, on the way to school, I wrote this:

My God is making me smile this week.  He is igniting things in my heart, and promises of His love that I’ve heard dozens of times before, in church, in songs, are making me smile.

It’s true.  Yesterday Sam, Tara, TaraLin, Kim and I joined in the sea of pink and white and did the Run for the Cure.  It was awesome, albeit, rushed.  Too rushed.  Time was not taken as fully to reignite hope for all those and their families and friends still facing breast cancer, scared of cancer, every single day.  I’ve been there with my grandma . . .  It could have been done differently, and it was not one of their better presentations.  It should be about fun, but it should be about something more . . .


Afterwards, Sam, Tara and I made it to church.

Church was awesome.  I was feeling it hardcore.  Real.  A simple topic, the Bible, being explored for real.  Like, that there is good stuff in there.  Stories with impact and fire that are only a couple verses long.  But the hardest part . . . is getting your Bible open.  Indeed.  Completely.  Worship involved songs that truly resonate in me – In This City, Our God . . . it was awesome . . .

Then I realized something.

So music is a huge way that I connect with God.  But here’s what I realized: I could sing He Loves Us every day.  And not get sick of it, and not have it lose any meaning.  I feel so alive whenever we sing it in church; I kinda missed it yesterday.  The message in He Loves Us is one that I feel really resonates with me, which I wrote about before.  The words make me smile.

But yesterday, I was finding other lyrics that made me smile.

  • and if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us, and if our God is with us, then what could stand against?     –Our God, Chris Tomlin

The other thing with Our God, is that it holds the quality of NOT rejecting other faiths even though they may not be what we believe, as many songs do.  “Our God is greater, our God is stronger, God You are higher than any other”.  As a Christian, I worship only my God, not others.  But does that mean I reject that other gods could exist?  Of course not.  Surely my God created belief and disbelief in His and other faiths for a reason.  Everything for a reason.

Our God is bigger than life itself.  God inspired those lyrics, those same lyrics that made me smile . . .  God inspired every single Bible verse that makes me happy.  God creates the hope that we need to be happy.

God makes me smile.