words of thoughts. + switchfoot concert.

i turned twenty this weekend.

i spent lots of the weekend tweeting in lowercase, listening to music, and just thinking.  i ate a lot of cupcakes.  i watched tlc and mtv and hung out with some of my family.

i ate amazing smores brownies from none other than our awesome neighbour Lori, the master chef of the Little Kitchen on the Prairie.


i spent a few hours writing late at night.  so good.  so, so good.  i hope to expand on some of that in the blog soon.  it was full of stuff that has been brewing a long time, but has finally surfaced as to what i really need, what i really mean.  i’m really excited about that.

photo (47)

i culminated and ended the weekend with brenda and tara at an amazing, amazing show by the amazing, amazing switchfoot.  brenda scored us amazing seats.

so. much. talent.









cdj + dean brody

First country music concert.  Not a huge country fan, but I love Carolyn Dawn Johnson, and Dean Brody was okay.  I’ve been waiting to see CDJ since I was like, seven, and was finally allowed in the casino where she plays, seeing as I am legal now.  Yay legal, yay Carolyn Dawn Johnson!  This was my mom’s birthday present also, because her birthday is Saturday and this means she gets a concert instead of useless kitchen crap as per usual.


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