oh, hey 2011

Delightful end to 2010 by cooking tortellini alfredo for dinner coupled with purple kool-ade and skittles, making Puppy Chow and chocolate cake containing coffee [which I just accidentally typed as chocolatte cake.  Which is equally accurate], having good talks about people from high school, and painting with one of my lovely best friends, Katie.


IMG_0010IMG_0002We calmly [okay, one scream—me of course] started 2011 listening to Red and eating Doritos and consuming Gatorade sitting on my bed with the hippie lights on with one of my best friends.  It was way chill, but probably one of my favourite New Years Eves so far!

My only thoughts on 2011 is that I want it to be much like 2010 ended — full of CREATIVITY, LOVE and feeling ALIVE.


12 of 12 – september 2010!

On the 12th day of the month, a bunch of bloggers take 12 pictures throughout the day.  Here are my pictures for September 12th, 2010.


8:26 am – Starbucks.  Good morning lovely baristas whom I made decide for me—they chose a pumpkin spice latte over a white chocolate mocha.  I approve of their decision.


8:32 am – downtown.  There were many tables on the side of the street.  No idea what THAT was about.


8:42 am – church.  Getting stoked for an epic service!


10:48 am – church.  I’m helping out with the three year olds this year, and it was my first go at it.  The kiddos have to wear these security tags so people who aren’t their parents can’t take them away from us.  It was lots of fun.


2:33 pm – kitchen.  Holy spicy kimichi, batman.  Not much of this ended up getting eaten, I don’t do spicy well.  I didn’t know it was going to be spicy, I just thought it’d be instant noodle-y.


2:51 pm – kitchen.  That is MUCH better.  Peanut butter on graham crackers.  Yum and not spicy.


3:29 pm – kitchen.  Getting my nutrition studying on.


9:47 pm – kitchen.  Finally burned End of Silence by Red to a CD.  Finally.


10:42 pm – bathroom.  Forgot to turn the fan on when I had a bath.  This is the mirror, which I drew a heart on.


10:56 pm – kitchen.  Found a text from my friend wanting to join my Run for the Cure team.  YEAH!


11:21 pm – dining room.  Ready for school . . .


11:22 pm – kitchen.  Because I am four years old.  Milk in a Blues Clues cup.  Bedtime.


12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell.  You can see all the 12 of 12s by visiting his blog.


So this has to be the greatest website ever for finding new music.  Seriously.

Because I have just added 45 songs to my iTunes, including Red, Sanctus Real and Falling Up.

It’s super weird, however, because I type in stuff, and it recommends bands I already listen to.  The thing actually WORKS.

For example, I typed in “Incubus, Chevelle, The Fray” and out of the selections it also gives me TrustCompany [which involves Kevin Palmer, the same vocalist as Amity Lane, who I already listen to, I just haven’t morphed over to TrustCompany yet], and P.O.D., as well as some new stuff. 

This thing . . . is genius.

Try it out . . . and let me know your findings!