nobody is truly immune

There was a shooting in my area.  It was rather far from home and I was at my grandparents’ at the time.

There is no such thing as immunity to this.  There is no immunity to hate, to fighting, to violence.  Nobody is truly immune to this.

And that’s scary.  Scary that it hits so close to home, even if you have no idea who the people involved are.  There were multiple victims.  Yes, it was suspected that they’re involved in gang activity, and that’s unfortunate.  Small choices lead to huge tragedies.

But even if they were involved in gang activity, they’re still human.  They’re brothers, sons, fathers, uncles, sisters, daughters, mothers, aunts.  Friends.

Now in critical condition because of one small choice leading to another leading to another.

People still with a chance, a hope for redemption.

Distant from home still feels too close.


home — is this a quiet place where you should be alone?  is this where the tortured and the troubled find their own?  i don’t know.  but i can tell this isn’t you, your cover’s blown.

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