camp cerebrations one: thursday

it’s no accident we’re here tonight, we are once in a lifetime

needle and haystack life, switchfoot

Thursday was a rougher day.  I felt like I had to coax, argue, plead with the girlie to participate all day.  I spent a lot of my downtime/solitary supervision time at camp praying anyway, but I was really asking God for strength, persistence and most importantly patience.

I never thought it would end [or Friday would begin] so beautifully though, through all the chaos.

I had to plead with the girlie to get out of bed to go to the bathroom and brush her teeth.  She wasn’t biting at all.  Wouldn’t move.  This had gone on all day and my patience at 11:30 was just done.  I broke down, tearfully pleading her to just get ready for bed.  Finally I just couldn’t stand it anymore and asked E, another camper who was absolutely amazing to have around, to ask Nadine [the girls’ counsellor and an amazing person] to deal with the girlie while I went to the bathroom and got ready for bed.

I was better by the time I got back to the cabin.  I was just tired, exasperated and frustrated.  As I was coming back, E was taking the girlie to the bathroom to get ready for bed.  I was so, so grateful for that girl.

When they got back, the girlie sat with me for a bit and we talked.  Her ankle hurt, she wasn’t feeling good . . . mostly, though, I think she was just tired.  So was I.  We hugged it out, were okay, and she climbed up to her bunk and fell asleep relatively quickly.

E and R were still up talking after everybody had fallen asleep, and I joined them haphazardly a bit, but then decided to roll over and try to sleep.  I’d been noticing change in E in chapel–resistance changing to longing for exploration of God.  I saw so, so much of myself six years ago in her and I really, really wanted to hear her story so far, where she was at.

“Okay, I can’t sleep, your conversation is getting too good.  So, [E], where are you at with God?”

She told me that at the beginning of the week she’d not been a believer.  She hated chapel, hated worship.  Hated devotions.  Like I did my first year of camp before I believed in God.

Then, she said, she’d done a one-eighty.  That everything around her felt so genuine, so real, that she believed in God.

I am so, so excited for her journey.  To see where God takes her.

“Is it okay if I sit on your bunk?”

“For sure.”

We talked until nearly two am.  I prayed for her, her journey with God, her Opa who’s been sick.  We prayed for healing.

I had, once again, the opportunity to tell my story.  Both E and R looked at me wide-eyed and couldn’t believe the stories of who I used to be.  And it is ALL God responsible for that change.  Our amazing, awesome God.

As we were talking, the Switchfoot lyric from above came into my head, and I quoted the first half.  “You know, another thing is that I don’t believe that the fact we’re here having this conversation right now is an accident.  I think there’s a reason for everything.  Talking with you girls has been so, so good.  All that’s lead to this . . . this moment . . . happened for a reason.  And that is so, so cool.”

R and E told me some of their stories, their journeys with God.  I love hearing where people are at, where they’ve come from.  R, it sounds, has always had deep faith.  E went to church when she was younger, then it faded out, and I’m praying now that she’s recommitted to Jesus and that He’s helping her to take on everything she’s faced and is facing in life with Him at her side for support.

You’re not here by accident . . . and life it lives.

life, flyleaf

Thank You, Jesus for beautiful transformation, beautiful change and beautiful stories.


(to be continued)


searchin’ for prayer warriors

Next Monday I’ll be heading off to a Bible camp with one of the amazing girls I do inclusion with.  I think, though, that this is going to be a challenging week [especially emotionally] as I attempt to help integrate and involve her on a more personal level than she integrates and involves herself.

I want to see growth so, so much.  I want to grow by seeing her grow.

I put a call out on Twitter last night for people who will engage in prayer with me during the week next week, and to those of you who have responded I am so grateful and want to hug all of you.

You probably all know I don’t do these kinds of things often, so here’s what I’m requesting prayer for:

  • Spiritual growth and engagement; lessons that become tangible.
  • Health [for both of us!] and safety
  • Emotional preparedness — for the weeklong and perhaps intense journey that camp will be.  For the girlie, manageable homesickness if any.
  • Patience and compassion
  • Sleep.  Oh my goodness, sleep.
  • FUN

I’ve never done anything like this where I’m on-duty 24 hours a day for like five-and-a-half days.  I’m very stoked to see what God teaches me through this.  I feel really blessed by those of you who have already committed to be on my team of prayer warriors next week.

I love you all — thanks for joining me on this journey!

cars and crazy

Today at work we went to Cars 2.  That’s beside the point, but really, it was too hot to go mini-golfing, so spending the afternoon semi-freezing in the movie theatre was a good second, am I right?  It was cute and like most movies intended for children was full of good lessons about friendship and deactivating bombs so as to let people live.  Also, i now love Mater.

True story, i never saw Cars.  So I have no idea what actually tied into the first one or maybe nothing did, I don’t know  But yeah, I love Mater.

Also I got kind of bored and was hoping kids would have to go to the bathroom so I could go walk around.  I met up with the assistant director on one of my two ventures out there [only two. I know.] and she was like “You can go back into the movie, I’ll wait”.  I was all “NO, I’m getting too fidgety in there, I need to move around a bit.”

This is why I’m bad at movies.  About half an hour in I get all restless and need to move around.  Shifting my position every twenty seconds wasn’t doing good enough for me.  Even when we’re at the centre, I rarely, you know, am SITTING for any longer than about twenty minutes.


Anyway, that wasn’t even the point of this post.  At lunch today my boss called me crazy.  “No offence.  I like crazy.  That’s why I hired ya.”

I love my boss.  She SO has me figured out.

She was like “I told the girls [my coworkers] ‘Kerri’s a little different . . . but very happy and positive.'”


And crazy.  [If you’ve been around here any length of time, I’m sure you’ve figured that out already.]

forward . . .

I need to get back on track.  Jesus, workouts, learning, engaging, community.  Writing.

I need to break this monotony, this monotony that changes every single day but is still monotony.  Two weeks left of work until what will probably be the most challenging week of my summer, inclusion at camp.  So, so ready to see, though, what God has in store that week.  There are, I’m feeling, reasons why I am headed that direction.  Why all the pieces regarding work fell into place so I could attend camp.

But that’s two weeks away.  I need to get back on track now.  Or I don’t know what will slip next.