I hate that I can’t save the world from how we’re destroying ourselves.

But I can try.


you have no clue

My little cousin just Liked this on Facebook. It’s definitely worth sharing.

That 15 year old pregnant girl is not a slut. She was raped by her ex boyfriend.
That boy isn’t oversensitive. He gets beaten by his dad and is jumpy around others.
That man isn’t ugly. He got his scars fighting for our country.
That girl isn’t fat. She has a medical condition.
That girl isn’t a bitch. She’s tired of being verbally abused by her peers and is going to stand up for herself.
He’s not a slacker. He couldn’t finish his homework because he was at the hospital with his dying mom.
Don’t judge. You have no clue what’s going on with someone.

time has come and gone and things have come along that take me away from You

—Spending Time, Stellar Kart

So often I talk so much and never listen.  I talk so much and never actually open up, never actually say anything—not even to my Maker.

I feel like I’m too busy.  I don’t see my friends outside of school, I don’t write and do non-school things as much as I’d like to.  I haven’t played my guitar in months.  I have this pattern of school-homework-work-workouts-church stuff.

And I feel like that has to change.  I feel like everything is speaking to me that my relationship with God needs to be what I’m working on—and I don’t know how I let that slip away.  Yet I’m too distracted, too scattered, too whatever, to be able to focus on that.  Because all this preoccupation does not even just get my time but also my brain-time—school especially.  There are parts of my life that I need to pour into more—my girls at church, school, Jesus—and stuff that is just hanging there, waiting for me to deal with it.

So what gives?  I’m still trying to figure that out. 

sociology and swearing

Someone just said "My coworker’s five year old daughter asked her why fuck was a bad word and the five year old connected it as fuck -> sex -> babies -> good.”

Prof: “Therefore, the loop continues and fuck is good."

I love children.  And sociology.

We are only socialized into thinking fuck is bad.  Because really, it’s just another word.

fire extinguishers

Just saw this picture on FB

My concern is . . . if the stove catches fire, or the microwave catches fire, then you could potentially have to reach through the flames to get the fire extinguisher.  Or it may perhaps burst into flame or something.

Although, I really commend them for having a fire extinguisher IN their kitchen.  I think ours is in the basement, and really, if our kitchen lights on fire, then that’s really not too helpful.

12 of 12 – december ‘10

Last 12 of 12 of 2010!

On the 12th of each month, a bunch of bloggers take 12 pictures throughout the day.  These are my pictures for December 12th, 2010.


7:15 AM – bed.  Eff.  I have to get up and go to church in this?  Good thing I love my church.


7:47 am – bus stop.  This is the biggest lie I have seen ever.  Or today at least.  Canada?  Warm?


8:49 am – church.  Oh how I love my church’s proximity to Starbucks.  Although my gingerbread latte was totally, totally a letdown.  I had to go back tonight and have a caramel apple spice to make myself feel better.DSCF5673 10:46 am – church.  Our first kiddo arrived in the three year old room.  She was super-intensely writing a list on an offering envelope.


1:50 pm – kitchen.  What this open Dr Pepper can is doing amongst the produce I have no idea.


3:16 pm – kitchen.  Studying sociology.  Evil, evil textbook.  Well, I guess since I was reading about maltreatment, it is evil.


3:19 pm – kitchen.  I went to my room for popcorn twists [which were semi-stale] and found a totally hardened muffin.  I am fortunate muffins do not mold, or I would probably have puked.  I do not do mold.


5:42 pm – bedroom.  I finally had enough with the inhaler hits [my lungs hate winter] and did a breathing treatment, which has kept me pretty dang open the last six hours.  Even though my neb was doing something weird and it took FOREVER to do a freaking unit dose.  I hate asthma.


5:44 pm – bathroom.  See how cold it is?  I am wearing FOUR layers on my upper body.  In your face, Canada.


6:46 pm = church.  Enter the Farewell Party for the epic and lovely Browns.  This “welcome.  we’re glad you’re with us today.” sign makes me feel really good whenever I walk into my church.  I’m totally, totally blessed to be here and to have gotten to experience the awesome love that is Drew and Sara the last three and a half months.


9:59 pm – church.  My lovely friends Tiffani [left] and Tara [right].  They are sisters and awesome.


11:14 pm – kitchen.  Posting my 12 of 12.  One of my pictures didn’t turn out as I thought it did, so I’m short one, kay?  Dang. ;-)  Short one no longer! [Well, I’m still a short one :)].

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell.  Click here to see all the December 12 of 12s.

It’s been a great year, all – see you in 2011!