cars and crazy

Today at work we went to Cars 2.  That’s beside the point, but really, it was too hot to go mini-golfing, so spending the afternoon semi-freezing in the movie theatre was a good second, am I right?  It was cute and like most movies intended for children was full of good lessons about friendship and deactivating bombs so as to let people live.  Also, i now love Mater.

True story, i never saw Cars.  So I have no idea what actually tied into the first one or maybe nothing did, I don’t know  But yeah, I love Mater.

Also I got kind of bored and was hoping kids would have to go to the bathroom so I could go walk around.  I met up with the assistant director on one of my two ventures out there [only two. I know.] and she was like “You can go back into the movie, I’ll wait”.  I was all “NO, I’m getting too fidgety in there, I need to move around a bit.”

This is why I’m bad at movies.  About half an hour in I get all restless and need to move around.  Shifting my position every twenty seconds wasn’t doing good enough for me.  Even when we’re at the centre, I rarely, you know, am SITTING for any longer than about twenty minutes.


Anyway, that wasn’t even the point of this post.  At lunch today my boss called me crazy.  “No offence.  I like crazy.  That’s why I hired ya.”

I love my boss.  She SO has me figured out.

She was like “I told the girls [my coworkers] ‘Kerri’s a little different . . . but very happy and positive.'”


And crazy.  [If you’ve been around here any length of time, I’m sure you’ve figured that out already.]


2 thoughts on “cars and crazy

    • Of course! :]
      I didn’t see the original cars though, just the sequel. As my coworker said when we watched Daddy Day Camp last week [another sequel] “Why do we never watch the originals at work, only the sequels?!”

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