12 of 12 – july ’11!

On the 12th of the month, a bunch of bloggers from around the world take 12 pictures throughout the day.  These are my pictures for July 12th, 2011!\


2:36 pm – bus. I forgot about 12 of 12 until we were coming home from our zoo field trip.  So, no animal pictures or fancy playground pictures or anything, how lame is that?  Just the bus in the rearview mirror.  The kiddo I was sitting with thought this picture was really cool :]

Also, everything at the zoo basically was closed and it kind of sucked.  Lamesauce.


4:44 pm – Tara’s house. This is Tara’s kitchen phone.  Appropriate, no? :]


6:05 pm – Tara’s car. This is Tara driving back to my house after we bought ice cream and the [UBER EXCITING!] article in the next picture.


6:31 pm – kitchen. I LOVE INCUBUS!!  New album came out today, so Tara drove us to the mall so I could buy it.  Also we bought ice cream :].  So stoked on this album, it’s SO different than their older stuff.


8:05 pm – kitchen. Timetable for next fall. Was trying to move my Anatomy lab but just left it there.  This schedule also allows me to accumulate 8.5 hours of work a week, so work is also happy and fully agreeable with that.  I love them.


8:50 pm – car. On my way to my grandparents, my home for the week.


9:31 pm – grandparents house. Bit of laundry and some kid art!


9:50 pm – bathroom. Stop.  Showertime.


11:14 pm – bedroom. Ready for work.


11:16 pm – bedroom. My life on a table?  Ye-eah for athletic tape that I used to tape up my knee after screwing it up slightly playing soccer at work!  And, you know, puffers and chocolate my grandma gave me.  And stuff.


11:16 pm – bedroom. Wearin’ this to work tomorrow [today].  Because nobody at work seems to object to me wearing my Dropkick Murphys shirt.


11:30 pm – bedroom. This is the room I live in at my grandparents.  The blanket under all the other blankets and under the pillows is simply to hold the pillow I was using to keep my knee up a bit slightly stiller.  Not really sure it succeeded, but oh well.  Good night!


12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell.  Thanks Chad, and thanks to the rest of you 12’ers for sharing your lives for a day!  See you in August!


6 thoughts on “12 of 12 – july ’11!

    • My grandma has the tendency to give them to me right after I’ve eaten dinner AND dessert and don’t want it at the moment. It’s in my backpack now because I managed to accumulate both a Mars and a Kit Kat that work gave me in there, so I ate the Kit Kat on break today ;).

  1. I ❤ Milk Girl's kitchen phone! I think you're the only person left in the world who purchases CDs. yay Canada strap thing? What does that actually hold?

    • if i were the only one buying cd’s, record stores would be outta business :P. some things i get on iTunes, but a lot of the time i buy actual physical albums.

      the Canada thing is a lanyard, one of my three or four sets of keys are on it. 😉

  2. Yay. I finally got to track down your 12 of 12 on here. Did I even know this blog existed?, I just use your other blog-how many do you have?
    Anyways, I am glad to keep in touch with your movements by viewing your day. You are so busy, I hope your Grandma spoiled you when you were staying with them. I’m glad you still got to see your friend and have something of a life even though you’re working so hard.
    Lucky you getting your timetable-when do you start back at college? I still haven’t got a timetable for September-argh!

    Anyway-off I go back to your other blog to read and catch up there. xx

    • This one posts to my Twitter, so I’m sure you knew it existed! :] I think you’ve commented on a 12 here before. Just the two.

      My grandma totally spoiled me :]. She is awesome.

      I start school again in September! I’m super excited, to be honest. Danielle would be proud!

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