hello shiny macbook

I like this thing. I’m having a little trouble making the switch over from Windows [like finding a blog editor, for example. I’m on Blogo now, but after 21 days I have to pay for it if I wanna keep it, so we’ll see.]

But really, I can edit videos again and play with Photo Booth. Hooray!

So school is done for this year. For the first time since August ’10, I don’t have ANY studying, school, anything hanging over my head. I’m DONE my second year of university and my first year of kinesiology and applied health as of yesterday when my Spring course wrapped up. I’m loving kinesiology, so let’s hope that love stays alive next year when I’m stuck at school for afternoon labs and my schedule sucks and I can’t work much!

Work, that’s pretty good. Slowly learning the kids names, slowly getting more used to it. This is the beginning of week three.


7 thoughts on “hello shiny macbook

  1. Hmm, yes, blog editors.. tried using some a while ago when I was travelling, but got frustrated with them not being very stable/not supporting pictures all that well. But it’s a good reminder to me to pick that up again, been writing my Africa posts in TextEdit, but can’t put the photos in until I post for real which is a pain. Blog editor would have made that tons easier. Just downloaded Blogo, Ecto and Qumana, to see if I can find something decent – will trial on the train to choir 🙂 Still have 5 or 6 Africa posts to complete!

    • So, Qumana doesn’t seem to support multiple blogs, which makes it pretty useless…. Do not like that scary rabbit logo on Blogo, but I’m trying to ignore it and give it a fair chance 🙂

      • More from me… just downloaded MarsEdit, and so far I think I like it the best… but it’s a bit more pricey – $40. Looks like the picture embedding is better than Blogo, at a first glance.

      • I was looking at MarsEdit too. Hmm… Keep me posted then I’ll trial it next week. I cant justify $25 for crap photo integration.

  2. Just published my first post with it, and so far I’m pretty happy. First time round the post timed out, but that’s more likely to be due to my hosting and the large number of pictures. Tried again and it worked fine. Pictures are all where they’re supposed to be, which I think was an issue with one of the ones I tried before. The only thing that was a bit annoying was that it hardwired a font.. need to see if I can circumvent that.

  3. My verdict – going to stick with MarsEdit. Been happily busy with it on the train to and fro this weekend and it hasn’t let me down yet. Had between 40-50 photos in each post!

    The font issue I got around by just editing in HTML mode, though I think I’ll still raise it with them if I get round to it.

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