#hawmc seven – one day.

I got off track.  Again.  Doing a blogging project during finals month is just silly I think.  I’m just gonna jump in when I can, I think.

To be honest, I don’t really have a “typical” day.  So I’m gonna try to do a typical-ish school day, since at least those have some sort of substance and sort-of structure.

7:05 am – Get up, put on glasses, stumble to bathroom, check peak flow, take Ventolin inhaler if I’m in the yellow zone.

7:10 – Get dressed.

7:20 – Take Atrovent, Symbicort and Qvar (usually in that order).  Brush hair between inhaler hits.  Brush teeth because that is important on inhaled steroids–and for other reasons ;).

8:00 – arrive at school, sit around and study, hopefully friends come visit me because it is boring if they don’t.

10:45 – MORNING SNACKYTIME.  Or what most people would call breakfast but it is not legit breakfast food usually. More like school cafeteria crap.

11:30 – class. [yes, this term was slacker Monday, Wednesday, Fridays, I only had one class]

12:20 pm – end class, bus home.

1:15 – Take atrovent if needed, eat lunch, check Twitter, deal with morning e-mails.

1:45 – Social media timez – twitter/fb/youtube or studyyy.

2:45 – Check peak flow, change for a walk, do a nebulizer treatment, stick earphones in ears, cellphone, iPod and inhaler in pocket and polish off hopefully at least 5K.

3:40 – Stretch.  Check post-walk peak flow.  Do a prophylactic neb treatment post-walk to head off any nasty delayed-flaring, tweet whilst doing said treatment, and plug the Garmin into the computer to synch it to GarminConnect and Dailymile.  I freaking love Dailymile, you should join me there.

3:50 – Probably realize the neb’s been spitting out nothing for five minutes and the treatment is done.  Take neb out of mouth, quit watching YouTube, pull out the textbooks or write a blog post.


5:50 – Clear off table for DINNER.

6:00 — YAY DINNER!

7:00 – You can probably find me hanging out on Twitter for most of the evening.

7:30 – Evening Atrovent [if needed], Qvar and Symbicort.  Sucks to your ass-mar!  Maybe check my peak flow in here if I’m not lazy.

9:30 – I’ll probably be eating again around now. 😉

9:35-11:15 – Hangin’ with my Twitter peeps.  I spend a lot of time on Twitter, yo.

11:15 — Check peak flow if don’t forget.  Take some Ventolin if it’s in the yellow, if I’m good to go I take some Atrovent to hopefully head off any nighttime lungy dips.  Go pee [you wanted details, Wego prompt, I spared you all the other times I went pee during the day], brush teeth and then it is . . .

11:30 – Inhaler by the bed . . . BEDTIME!


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