you have no clue

My little cousin just Liked this on Facebook. It’s definitely worth sharing.

That 15 year old pregnant girl is not a slut. She was raped by her ex boyfriend.
That boy isn’t oversensitive. He gets beaten by his dad and is jumpy around others.
That man isn’t ugly. He got his scars fighting for our country.
That girl isn’t fat. She has a medical condition.
That girl isn’t a bitch. She’s tired of being verbally abused by her peers and is going to stand up for herself.
He’s not a slacker. He couldn’t finish his homework because he was at the hospital with his dying mom.
Don’t judge. You have no clue what’s going on with someone.


2 thoughts on “you have no clue

  1. Kerri, what happened to person first language?? Not “pregnant girl”, but girl living with a pregnancy. Or at least “girl who is pregnant”…, etc.

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