12 of 12 – april ‘11!

On the 12th of each month, a bunch of bloggers take 12 pictures throughout the day.  Here are my pictures for April 12th, 2011!


8:48 am – bedroom. My e-mail seriously never sleeps, even when I do.


9:01 am – kitchen. Since I don’t drink coffee, Ventolin has been trying to make itself my replacement for a few years.  Still trying to show the lungs who’s boss :).


12:36 pm – kitchen. Remnants of lunch. I was hungry and forgot to take a picture first, okay?  It was chocolate milk, grilled cheese and peaches!


1:27 pm – kitchen. This is basically what I looked at all day, except different pages.  Intro kinesiology final on the 13th.



1:34 pm – bedroom. Slightly broken guitar, I want to play you.  Must.  Study.


2:48 pm – entry. Waiting for my coworker to pick me up to go to work.  I love this backpack so much, it’s the perfect size for non-school adventures.  Also love getting rides to work form my awesome coworker.  Also, my coworkers are awesome.


2:53 pm – front yard. Apparently I liked this?  Grabbing the recycling bins before I head to work.


2:54 pm – front steps. iPod reminding me to go to work.  I’ve been off for three weeks, I was scared I’d forget.  Actually, it reminds me every week, to be honest.


5:54 pm – kitchen. Dinner.


7:07 pm – kitchen. It never ends. Back to the books [and e-mails apparently].


9:15 pm – kitchen. Actually, I have a quiz to do, too, which serves as good review for part of the exam, I guess.  It’s on this stuff [coaching], Sport and Culture and Issues in Sport.


9:15 pm – kitchen. Getting serious.  Breaking out the GOOD chocolate.

I was at the studying until 12:20 AM in case you care to know.  We will end with chocolate, though, because that is good and that is TWELVE!

By the way, my amazing and talented friend DREW BROWN did his first 12 of 12 today.  He’s not only a passionate follower of Jesus and amazing musician, he’s also a fabulous photographer.  You can see his first ever 12 of 12 here!

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell.  To see all the other 12s from around the world, check out his site as he’s been gracious to let us infiltrate his blog space with our links for another year!  Thanks Chad!


8 thoughts on “12 of 12 – april ‘11!

    • If you turn the iPod volume up you can hear it like a normal alarm, but I’m not sure I’d trust actually waking up to it lol.

    • Hey Lauren!
      Thanks! I’m having a ton of fun with this blog, it’s just like a big mesh of LIFE, and I like how that’s working out! 🙂

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