#hawmc five – ekphrasis is a funny word

Ekphrasis means writing about another at form.  So I’m supposed to yank something off of Flickr and write about it, basically.  [Yes I am late.  I had examness today so yesterday was spent cramming my brain full of motor development and other exercise-sciencey stuffs.]

I am supposed to write about this picture for 15 minutes and not edit it any.  So there is your disclaimer.

(image credit to hu, hanse on Flickr)

Air is simple.  Well, not in chemical matters is it simple.  It’s also not simple in regard to flying airplanes and doing the physics required to do such things.  But the way that we are supposed to interact with air is simple, and keeps us full of colour, brightness and life.

We bring the air into our bodies through a series of tubes.  These stand in the middle of the connection with our outer world and the colour that air is to bring us.

Sometimes, though, surrounding this beautiful interaction, as simple as it may be, darkness stands before the lightness, the wholeness and the colour.  This is when the once wide open tubes become smaller and more distant seeming, and it is hard to get the air where it needs to be.  It clouds thoughts and choices.  It tries to block what is ahead, and it tries to force change upon us.

We can change it.  We can change the closure, the grey, the darkness.  We can do our part to keep our lungs healthy so that we can experience the colour, the brightness, the flow of life around us.

And we can change this for other people by educating and advocating for lung health.  So that we can experience and breathe in colour without hesitation, that we can keep our lungs open.  That we can open the eyes to others to see what is in front of them in ten percent of the people around them.

Asthma is this reality.  Asthma is what causes me to realize that this world needs to change in many ways—to advocating, to sharing, to breathing life into those who need that extra nudge to become motivated advocates for themselves.  As much as asthma can take, it can also cause us to give more of ourselves—to be the colour amongst the darkness that this disease can become, to shine, and to remind ourselves that yes, we can do this . . . because if there is no darkness, there is no concept of light.  If there’s not negative, there is no concept of positive.  And if there is no grey, there is no concept of colour.

Lift your hands, reach . . . change your world. 

Breathe deep.


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