#hawmc four – wiki my asthma

Today’s HAWMC propmpt:

Revise your condition’s Wikipedia page.  Pretend you’re a Wikipedia writer – what sentence or paragraph should be included (in your opinion).  Has Wikipedia forgotten to include your condition?  Write a few quick facts and submit.

I think that because of the high prevalence of asthma, the Wikipedia page is fairly accurate and thorough. The only thing I would consider editing is this


While this is true, classification of severity needs to be done based on the most prevalent severity of asthma.  For instance, if someone has FEV1 variability of less than 20% (intermittent asthma), but have nighttime awakenings more than once a week, they should be placed in the “moderate persistent” category and treated as such.

For example, I typically do NOT experience nighttime symptoms that wake me up.  Yet, I do use my beta-2 agonist (rescue inhaler) daily on most days and have asthma symptoms daily.  This puts me into the moderate persistent category (which is also what my allergist has told me).

However, sub-categorization of severe asthma phenotypes are beginning to be researched—you can read about that here.


6 thoughts on “#hawmc four – wiki my asthma

    • Aww thanks Jess! I happen to think you’re quite the rockstar yourself! YAY FOR ROCKSTARNESS. Time for a twitterparty! 🙂

  1. My pulmo has told me that he likes to classify severity in those who are on medication by the amount of meds required to control them, and also classify their current symptomatic severity according to the chart above. My RT mentioned to me that there’s a shift in asthma categorization going on in Canada, and my pulmo’s approach is becoming more popular.

    • Dear God, I do not want to know WHERE I would sit if that’s how they were classifying.

      Will be interesting to see the change in classification as it rolls out.

      • Well, I’m RIGHT on the border between “moderate” and “moderately severe” according to the medication classification… if I end up using alvesco as a control med (which is the way things look like they’re gonna go, since I flare like I am now every time I stop it), I’ll be moderately severe, if that gives you any idea.

        For symptoms, I’m currently having a “severe” flare (since I hit all but one category for severe that’s kind of a no-brainer), but I’d say I normally fit somewhere between a bad mild and very light moderate… My symptoms are pretty much daily, but everything else is either mild persistent or mild intermediate.

      • Ahh gotcha. I probably fall in about the same place then, but I also have atrovent in the mix so I don’t know. Whatever lol.

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