i’m letting You drive – here i am right where i belong

–drive, ed kowalczyk

I think I’ve mentioned before I’m not a big fan of proselytism/freaky evangelism.  Evidently guilt tripping people toward Jesus works on some level.  If it didn’t, people like Franklin Graham would be out a job.  You cant tell me that the dude doesn’t profit somehow off of converting people to Christianity (read: books, music festivals).

I really don’t believe Jesus would dig guilt tripping.  Stuff like “you’re going to hell.” or “you’re sinning” if you don’t believe in Him. Evidently if people don’t believe in Jesus as God they don’t CARE about the guilt-tripping anyway because they probably don’t believe in hell anyways (I don’t know if I even believe in hell, but that’s another post).

I don’t believe trying to convert people, trying to “lead” people to Christianity works.  I think it’s all on God.  That doesn’t mean we can’t pray for people—“we choose the way we want to live, but only God makes us able to live it” (Proverbs 16:9).  That means letting Him stay in front.

We can share our stories—I’m big on personal stories.  We can share what we believe His message is and how we think He’s worked in our lives if someone is open to listening.  The listening, though, only comes after God begins stirring in someone’s heart, I think.  He has never stopped leading, so why try to beat Him where He’s going?

Screaming scripture and public prayer likely isn’t gonna make anyone want what you’re doing.  Drop your motives before you start a relationship—that’s not what a relationship is about.

God puts us where we are for a reason.  We are right where He wants us, we are right where we belong.

The only way into a relationship with anybody is to love them where they’re at.

Always love.


2 thoughts on “i’m letting You drive – here i am right where i belong

  1. God puts us where we are for a reason. We are right where He wants us, we are right where we belong.

    A corollary to that is, every adversity we live through, we are put through it so that at some later date we may do His work to help someone else. Adversity also tends to humble us, so if later on someone sees us as “heroes” or “role models”, we know that we simply did what we needed to do to survive and thrive — and that can be used to inspire others, as well.

    • I TOTALLY agree! When I was fourteen, I struggled with depression and that sort of stuff, and it actually drew me much deeper into connection with a girl that attends my church’s youth group after shared with me that she’d been cutting. I really, really believe we go though everything we go through for a reason, that it all makes us stronger, and our stories are meant to be told! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

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