what if i believe You now, could it ever change this heart?

I can’t get over what Jesus did.  And at the same time I can’t get over the time that I wasted, the time that I just didn’t care.  He forgives me, He’s forgiven me for five and a half years (five and a half years TODAY, I just realized), and I need to get over the wasted days.

I can’t get over that He bridged the gap.

Can’t get over all He’s done for me.

Can’t say “thank You” enough times for it to pacify me, even though I know thanking Him once and giving Him my life was enough for Him.

I can’t get over it.

but i wouldn’t believe Him, He did all that He could, i still would not believe Him.

i left His arms empty and tied, outstretched for me until He died.

and here i am alive, and i don’t have the right.  and He gave me the right, costing Him His life, new mercies in the morning.

i believe, what if i believe You now?  could it ever change this heart?  forgive me, relieve me, please come back to life . . .

circle, flyleaf

Jesus’ love changed this heart.  Jesus’ love continues to change this heart.

And I can’t get over it.


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