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Representing for myself, over three million Canadians and the Asthma Society of Canada.  Thanks to Rob and the rest of the folks at the ASC for hooking me up with this sweet tech shirt.

You can bet I’m gonna race in this thing!


7 thoughts on “sweet. | @asthmasociety

      steve asked about getting one, but it was gonna cost them $40 in shipping, so he opted out.

      Love it though! 🙂

    • Tech shirts are the ones that move sweat away from your body–underarmour, Nike dri-fit, climacool, coolmax, etc. I love them.

      My next for-sure race isn’t till that 10K in September, but I’m trying to find a couple to do before then. Potentially looking for one in SF if I get there too!

      Such is life, I am always wearing earphones, except when talking to people, in class and sleeping.

      • Steve inquired whether they could send him one, and it would have cost them $40 to ship it to Califorina. I am too poor for $40 shipping lol [which would probably be more overseas].

        However, tech-shirts are becoming way more common, and cheaper, so you should look for one! 🙂 They feel SOOOO much better than cotton for working out.

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