turn my head – live

This song is so hitting me hard right now.  Love it.

anyone caught in your mystery. / keep it angry . . . keep it wispy. / i’ve fallen down / drunk on your juices

turn my head / it’s aimed at you

funky temple / your dress is torn to shreds / your eyes are crazy / about to save my head and / i can’t forget you / but i can’t remember

we came to love you / all day these bastards are leaving / somebody’s got to stay / whatever we called you / it’s just a name, just a name

Turn My Head // Live

That’s the thing I love about Live.  They make me think really hard.  And sometimes, still come to no conclusion.

I have thoughts of redemption—but be it spiritual or something else, I’m not sure.  As some people on SongMeanings are arguing, yes, there’s an element of relationships with God, but it also brings something else, because some parts don’t fit into that equation.

Whatever we called you . . . it’s just a name.  Best line of the song, right there.  See also: funky temple. 

Heck yes.


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