here we go . . .

and as i take off my heart won’t stop / the sky looks like an astropop / amber, red and blue . . . i’m sure gonna miss you

Last Flight out | Butch Walker

Cameras charged, cleared, packed.  Computer has free space.  iPod touch charged, iPod nano charging, charging cords packed, Garmin packed, extra Bose earbud tips packed [they go missing when you cannot fix it].  Neb charged, packed, cleared with AirCanada.  Medical equipment sucks.  Medicine packed.  Back-up medicine packed.  Breathing fine, asthma still sucks. 

Phone charged.  Will have texting and mobile web.

Hopeful I can snag some WiFi from a potentially unlocked neighbour router or something.  My great aunt and uncle have a computer though, so maybe they have a router or I can steal their connection.  I’ll miss you guys who live inside my technology!


4 thoughts on “here we go . . .

  1. “you guys who live inside my technology” hehe. Why can’t you use their computer, man? That’s what I do when I visit my grandma. The magnification on her comp is freaking huge.

    • back home now. I COULD, but I always feel like a jerk when I go sit off in some other room and use the computer when I’m supposed to be being social lol

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