new clothes!

So I went shopping today.  That’s something I don’t usually do, and I don’t usually buy a ton of stuff.  Today I got two new hoodies, two new pairs of jeans, and got home to two TO WRITE LOVE ON HER ARMS shirts in the mail.  Woohoo!

My friend Natasha has requested pictures, so I decided I’d share them here:



DSCF7214 b



No pictures of jeans, because pictures of jeans are kind of boring.  Yellow and orange are fairly new colours to my collection [in hoodies anyways] and therefore I am excited.

Also excited about the girl in Bluenotes throwing seven pairs of jeans at me, only five of which I tried on.  Holy it was amazing.  I now own five pairs of good, wearable jeans now that are sans holes.  Because being down to three was, you know, terrible.  And I’m super picky when it comes to jeans and Bluenotes Girl helped me break out of that a bit, because these actually have a teeny bit of fading whatnot on them.

She still could not convince me to get the distressed/torn ones though.  She was trying and I was like “Uhhh nah, I can destroy my own jeans, thanks.”


2 thoughts on “new clothes!

    • Ya kidding? I’ve been writing journals and stories and songs since I could form ideas into sentences and hold a pencil. I latched on to it early, prob when I was about six and haven’t really stopped. 🙂

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