Nutrition exam is over.  I BS’ed an answer or two, probably.  I went on a ramble about ATP in a question about concerns regarding low-carbohydrate diets.  We talked about ATP in intro kinesiology this morning.  I am like an ATP ninja, sort of.  Without the ninja, and without a full grasp of ATP.  So mostly not an ATP ninja.

I got stuck a bunch.  At one point I found myself stretched over the table, at another looking up to the ceiling and being all “Jesus, help me, please.” It is fortunate I was in a little room by myself, even though it had windows, I don’t think my invigilator was too much staring at my sprawling half on the desk or staring at the ceiling or playing with my hair when I spaced out.

So pending I got 55% it is over, except the assignment I have to finish.

And rock, hopefully.


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