screwed and swearing.

most everybody gets screwed one way or another / everybody gets screwed, now how ‘bout you / hell yeah! / it’s just a fact of life

screwed, butch walker

I am so screwed for this exam on Monday.  My attention span, my current amount of work in my classroom-based courses, and my procrastination are screwing me over for Nutrition.  I am never, never, never again doing a distance education course.  Stupid idea.

I got 60% on my midterm.  I need at least 55% on the exam Monday (45% of final grade) and at least 60% (25% of final) on my self-analysis, to get credit from Athabasca—credit is granted at 60%, or a C in the kinesiology department at my school.  I missed being able to apply for extension, so now my only chance is passing it right off, or re-writing my exam for $190.  Have to love how they also charge you to send the exam if you request it “late” and how the university you write it at charges you to write it there.

Seriously, can I just say fuck now and get it over with?


(Since fuck is good, right?)

It’s almost 11 pm.  Finishing this quiz on vitamins and calling it a day.


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