starbucks trenta

Yesterday we actually talked about Frappuccinos in Issues in Health.  Because a Grande (473 mL [16 oz]) Frapp packs 400+ calories.  Yes delicious.  But yes, they constitute a whole freaking meal that way [which is primarily how I enjoy them, albeit a non-nutritious meal.  See also: is a frapp REALLY better than no breakfast?].

Big news, people:

(source – nationalpost)

Okay, I may be short, but I am a Tall girl.  I think I’ve had a Grande once, and that is because Starbucks sends out Free Birthday Drinks if you register your Starbucks gift card.  And when Free Drinks come, you take advantage of the Grande.  I could not even brave the Venti.

So let’s get this straight.  A Trenta will be 1.94 times bigger than a Grande.  Meaning a Trenta frappuccino will pack in 776 calories.

Oh, not only that, but it won’t fit in your stomach.  So I can’t even drink all of it?  What is the point?

This can not be safe.  It is definitely not healthy.  See also: not good for your pancreas and/or kidneys.

That said, I might just have to see if I can actually consume nearly a litre of Frappuccino without hating myself/spontaneously combusting later.  Then I’ll have to spend an entire day in the gym.  Unfortunately, since caffeine makes me tired-ish, it’ll have to be the next day, because with that much caffeine in my body I’ll probably be zonked.

This is craziness, people.  Good thing they just lowered the adult physical activity guidelines */sarcasm.


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