short work and school rambling

Work rocked today.  Most of the girls were just so, so with it.  Chatty, but they’re adolescent girls, so yeah.  I was asked to take on another program as a regular facilitator, so I have to make a decision whether I’m committing to twice a week or not.  If I commit for Wednesday’s Girls Club in addition to Tuesday’s boys and girls program, I’m going to have to teach by myself, and I’m not sure how well that will go.  Most of the girls are great, but some are just . . . difficult.  Like, oh, you know, any program.

I’ll have to look over stuff and make a decision, hopefully by Friday.  However, I’d make another $22 a week, which would be pretty rad, considering I work, like, no hours.  Plus my job is fun, but I’d have to do a lot more prep work for this.  We’ll see.

Also, Intro Kinese is rocking—I just got into it on Monday, so I have a little catching up to do, but it’ll be okay.  Issues in Health is probably my favourite class this term, it’s so easy.  Religion and Pop Culture is so heavy and hard and I’m not sure what I’m doing about that because it’s totally not being as awesome as I thought.  I also picked up a major declaration form today – crazy.

My 12 of 12 will be up later tonight! With that, I’m off to read one kinesiology book or another.  Yes, I am reading this term.  That means I’m terribly behind on the Bible *sighs*.


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