small victories

Back to school today.  I only had one class, so I had two hours to wander around campus and find various friends and therefore not get any work done on my nutrition class.

Wandering makes one thirsty.  I wandered to the overpriced, organic-minus-most-things-in-bottles cafeteria to grab some chocolate milk and iced tea.  I live on the edge.

Last term small chocolate milk was $1.60.  Large was $2.25 or something ridiculous.

The happy little paper told me that small chocolate milk was $1.00, and large was $1.60.  Maybe they’re realizing a bunch of us aren’t purchasing as much as we would if things weren’t ridiculously overpriced.



2 thoughts on “small victories

    • I HOPE so!!!! I’m going to investigate further this morning ;-). Either way, cheaper chocolate milk is cheaper chocolate milk! 😉

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