job 1-5

I keep veering off the reading plan – pressing through chapters the reading plan wants me to stop at because I just get caught up.  That’s a cool feeling.  I did it in Genesis because I got too excited [you know, Noah and the Tower of Babel and all] and I did it in Job today.  I was REALLY excited about reading Job, I’d heard a bit about him, and I’d heard he had a pretty crazy story.  I like crazy stories.

So I started using post-it notes when I was reading this morning.  It was awesome.  When I read stuff that caught my attention, I threw it on a post-it and stuck it to my wall.  This is part of what caught me today:

DSCF7040 In all that’s messed up, in all that sucks in his life about his family being killed and everything completely crumbling, not once does Job blame God for what is happening.  Instead, he worships Him in a display of pure passion, FAITH and grace.  He’s in the middle of discussion right now where I’m at, and it’s just rocking my world.

But man is born to trouble, as surely as sparks fly upward.

Job 5:7

How cool is that?  That’s probably one of my favourite verses I’ve come across so far this part of my Bible journey. 

Tough stuff is what we’re made for – we are living proof.


3 thoughts on “job 1-5

  1. I get excited when you quote things from the Old Testement since it becomes kind of a game for me to see if I can recall the Hebrew original of whatever you said without looking it up. Sometimes I can do it. This time I couldn’t.

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