oh, hey 2011

Delightful end to 2010 by cooking tortellini alfredo for dinner coupled with purple kool-ade and skittles, making Puppy Chow and chocolate cake containing coffee [which I just accidentally typed as chocolatte cake.  Which is equally accurate], having good talks about people from high school, and painting with one of my lovely best friends, Katie.


IMG_0010IMG_0002We calmly [okay, one scream—me of course] started 2011 listening to Red and eating Doritos and consuming Gatorade sitting on my bed with the hippie lights on with one of my best friends.  It was way chill, but probably one of my favourite New Years Eves so far!

My only thoughts on 2011 is that I want it to be much like 2010 ended — full of CREATIVITY, LOVE and feeling ALIVE.


4 thoughts on “oh, hey 2011

    • No way, that’s hilarious about the dishes! 😀

      Ah coffee. I don’t drink the real stuff, but I sure like caffeine ;D.

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