musings on art

I’ve been able to create forms of pseudo-art with words for years.  I would argue to say that as music is art, writing is also.  Creative being, creative making, is art.

However, the kind of art I am generally not good at, is the type that most people think of when they think art.  Drawing, painting, sketching, and creating with mediums like chalk, charcoal and pastels.

I have tired.  I went through art supplies to no avail as a child.  I got charcoal when I was thirteen or so.  I can create things, as anyone can, and call it art, but it is not a talent of mine.  And while I can draw a dinosaur or a campsite as prompted by a kid at work, I don’t do this type of art to my own devices anymore since I never felt like I was accomplishing anything

This being said, because I don’t ‘do’ this type of art, I don’t typically discover artists which kind of sucks.  I find the artists who do music and then do art as an extension of their creative being, or vice versa.

Brandon Boyd — the lead singer of Incubus and furthermore, a creative genus — creates intricate pieces of artwork that I do not yet understand.  Yet combined with my love for his music, a commonality, I feel we all can share some sort of connection through art to each other.


Create how you will, how you want.

But let nothing stop you from creating.


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