sport shopping day 2010

That’s right folks.  Boxing day is SO a sport.  At least in my family.  This morning, I wasn’t wearing the team uniform for Team Discovery Channel, which is a toque.  My teammates [cousins] Dean and Alyssa almost kicked me off the team, so I bought this toque at our second stop [SportChek] so I would be reinstated as a member.  I missed the meeting, okay?!

Thank goodness it was $7.88.  Actually, I really like it.  I just have a lot of toques, but this was a toque emergency.


Yes the butterflies are upside down,  I don’t know what is up with that.  They are unique or something.  Yes, also, I am wearing too hoodies and a toque indoors.  It is Canada in here.  By which I mean cold.

Our team race was not as intense this year.  I don’t know who actually won or whatever.  All I know is I checked into enough music stores to get the Ellen Sounds So Good badge on Foursquare.  Because I am a nerd, thank you very much.

I also bought the most expensive item, I believe.  Check out my epic setup.


But if I got a prize for that, it would be relinquished, as said shiny monitor is going back to Best Buy because while it is cool to be able to tweet from one monitor and YouTube on the other, it is not worth keeping a monitor for that when that is not the purpose you purchased said $79 monitor for.  Because I thought I would be able to, you know, actually USE the options in my video editing software and show the PREVIEW on the secondary monitor while editing on the primary [laptop] monitor.  And through four hours of trying, I cannot.  So, Shiny Monitor is back in its box and is heading on a voyage back to Best Buy in a few days.

I also bought pink guitar picks and a guitar stand for my father since he was jealous of the one that I got from my mom for Christmas.  You know how it is.  The epic guy at Quest had to “rob” one for me from beneath an on-sale Dean guitar.  Which is, you know, EPIC.  And then Dean was carrying it and dropped a piece on the sidewalk and a guy saw and picked it up and then we realized and he was like “I thought I was going to have to run after you guys down the street.”  And we all had a good laugh and thanked him.

We also managed to get from one music store to another by only turning once, which was pretty magical, especially considering we didn’t actually know where we were going.  Go mine and Dean’s navigation skills—or lack-there-of.

Also, I got new epic PJ pants from my grandma.  They have freaking DUCKS on them.  And they are PINK and POLAR FLEECE and SOFT.  Also, did I say DUCKS?  Ducks are freaking awesome.  I never had any sort of attraction to ducks until now, but yeah, they are cute.


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