alert status red // matthew good – in a coma (1995-2005)

So the last few days I have been listening to a lot of Matthew Good [Band].  Specifically the In A Coma 1995-2005 Greatest Hits dealie.

Man, it’s good.  I bought this album three or four years ago, and I think I listened to it about five times before this week.  It’s one I would pull out and listen to once and then put it back.  I am hooked.  Epic guitars in some songs, epic bass in others, epic lyrics in others – or combinations of any or all three.  I don’t even care that my current combo of Matthew Good and Eminem are full of swears.  You’re warned.

    • cut your heart out, oh my starlight, tear down the blues and fly your red and whites // i swim with the fishes cause the fish, oh my my, just to get you to bite big city life
    • here it comes and there it goes, another day of decomposing light / in a world called catastrophe / my native tongue is blasphemy. in a world called catastrophe
    • in the wilderness the only place to find freedom is in the dictionary under f. // man, i forget what came first, the bad idea or me befallen by it – not giving a shit.  may we never forget you.  alert status red
    • picture yourself sleeping on a plane / there’s something ticking in the overhead / and inside your brains / there’s bodies in the water / and bodies in your basement / if heaven’s for clean people / it’s vacant.  load me up
    • good morning, don’t cop out, you crawled from the cancer to land on your feet.  strange days
    • i miss my head, miss my heart, miss my lungs. // down some pills, up some hope // everybody’s alright and everything is skin deep  everything is automatic
    • let it play out, by the rites to endless love.  your friends don’t like it, you can tell ‘em from me, to fuck off. // everyone’s gotta be something, me I am stupid, it’s all I ever wanted to me, shock me again and I’ll say anything you want me to.  rico
    • tomorrow we start again. tomorrow came and went.  indestructible.

Freaking fantastic album.  Pretty much all I’ve listened to today.  And half of yesterday [the other was 3/4ths Eminem and 1/4th Flyleaf and Addison Road.  It got me all pumped up for the hardest exam of my life this morning, which took me 2.5 hours and was 47 multiple choice, 30 marks of short answer and 50 marks of long answer.  It was rather tiring.

Anyways, yeah, I’m feeling the Matthew Good right now.  Dig it.


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