the sun will set on this, my dear

breaks your knees and leaves you so the sun can burn you up and wear you out / it’s an angry summer / there’s no room to smile when the face you make just before you cry looks so young like a child

the sun will set on this my dear / your labours aren’t in vain / you’re blistered and you’re burned from it / your wounds are gonna heal

life on earth will end for all conceived / and prove to be only a breath / a mist, a womb for what’s to come / how soon forever arrives

steadfast my love / the end is near / just keep your eyes ahead / grab hold of Me, I’ll help you there / you’re never on your own / you’re never all alone

don’t look at the past again / the first and last has made everything new / and you are too, so lift your head / and let your story be told

break your knees // flyleaf

Desperation accompanied by massive amounts of hope, prayer and positive vibes to those in need seems to be setting the theme today.  Continue to share the hope and love so that those in need can heal.


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