blog abandonment

I hate when people abandon their blogs.  I know I’m guilty of doing it on several, several occasions.  I have a few LiveJournals from back in the day that have fallen into the wasteland.  But, I try to finish a blog with a link to where you can find me in some facet so that people know I’m still alive or whatever.

I’ve followed a blog where a person has ended with a post about having a really bad day.  And not come back.  Because I’m me, even if I don’t know the person, I so worry about that.  I’ve read a blog where a guy’s mom was just diagnosed with breast cancer [which hits really close to home for me], and then suddenly, his blog is gone.  The list goes on.

I know people get busy, I know blogging takes time.  But people do not get busy for two or three or four years, not so much so that they cannot bring proper closure to their blog.  Especially if they know people read it.

So people, don’t abandon your blogs.  Or I will assume the worst, and we’d rather not have that happen, yes?


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