kid quotes: "what’s special to you?”

I volunteer with the three year olds during second service at church.  They are awesome and do and say very cute things that are often really touching.

Today, one boy was very gently “taking care of” the dolls.  He took them shopping and just LOVED them.  When I asked him what his baby’s name was, he told me his brother’s name.  When I realized he had two babies in the shopping cart a few minutes later, I went and asked what the baby’s name was again.  He pointed to the other baby and once again told me his brother’s name.  Soon enough, he accumulated four babies [one of which, he pointed out to me “This baby has no eyes!” and so it was that the doll’s eyes had been pried out.  Poor doll.], all of whom were named after his brother.  So, so cute.

Then in small-group time, this happened.

ME: What’s special to you, T?

T: *looks at me and smiles* R!

R” is one of our three year old girls, who is an absolute sweetheart [well, they all are, but she’s little spunky, wide-eyed three-year-old fashionista.]

Terina asked one of the kids what was special to her . . . THIS just makes my heart so, so happy:

“I have this friend . . . he’s a guy.  He’s always there for me.  His name is God.”

Goodness.  Goodness goodness goodness.

These kids and this God . . . make my heart so, so happy.


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