hippie-ish cafe


So, school has this  cafe.  And it is run by students and it is organic and it has legit compost bins  where apparently if you mess up and throw garbage in you mess up their compost and they have to start all over.  They play weird but good music, including Sufjan Stevens and The Meligrove Band.  They have a napkin dispenser that looks like this:Photo0387

They also have a cutlery dispenser that says “CUTLERY.  FOR HERE [arrow pointing down] TO GO [arrow pointing down]" and books about Louis Riel and lesbian coming out stories and hip hop music and art in 20th century Vienna.  You know, epic hippie stuff like that that students may be interested in [although, I have not yet found a book that I am interested in, but whatever] and flowers like this:


And a chalkboard wall that looks like this, with cartoon drawings of all the staff at the cafe or something

 soma1 Photo0540Photo0538

Oh, and we have one of these:


He is freaking AWESOME.

And that is the jist of my cafe at school.  We have delicious London Fogs that taste like sunshine and not-so delicious hot chocolate.  We also sell hippie-ish food, because that is what we do or something.  You know, like pita chips and hummus and toast and cinnamon buns.


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