12 of 12 – november ‘10!

On the 12th day of each month, a bunch of bloggers from around the world snap 12 pictures of their day.  Here are my pictures for November 12th, 2010.


7:29 am.  bed – this is why I have issues blindly grabbing my glasses in the morning.   Three inhalers on the headboard shelf is completely unnecessary [see also: harmonica??]


 8:48 am.  School – Have to run to church to pick up the video camera, so my awesome mother is driving me.  Waiting her to finish up what she’s doing in the hall outside.


10:59 am.  bus – Do I always get 12 of 12 pictures on the bus or something?


12:21 pm – kitchen.  Lookie what I found at Giant Tiger on my way home!!  Strawberry shake Pop-Tarts!  They are yummy and apparently created for Canada to enjoy now!


2:39 pm.  kitchen —  Jeremy’s camera.  Video for the retreat tonight that was filmed yesterday is uploaded and edited, and life is good.


3:19 pm.  dining room – packed for the youth retreat!  Yes, I took all that crap with me.  Yes, I took three pillows with me.  Actually, the black bag is Jeremy’s camera.  That didn’t come with me all the way to camp, just back to church.



4:43 pm.  dining room – Of course, I can’t go to camp without a plethora of electronics and the things that charge them.


5:32 pm.  church – Oh noes, we just locked ourselves outta the church.  Fortunately, Ramona is on her way back from dropping the camera back in the office to let us in.


8:39 pm.  camp! the girls are having slug wars in their sleeping bags in the cabin.  I am trying not to be all mom and tell them they are going to kill themselves. Which I was scared of.


8:41 pm.  cabin – You can’t see her, but here is the kiddo [currently in slug form!] whom I was hanging out with at the retreat.  She is crashed half on Elisa’s bed and half on my backpack. DSCF5516

9:01 pm.  chapel – Ready to dig into James in our first session of the weekend!  The remain notebook is from our Leaders Retreat.


11:50 pm – outside.  This is the dining hall which featured snack tonight and cleaning ladies in our epic night game.

12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell.  You can check out the rest of the November 12 of 12s here.


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