the past week in pictures . . .


Monday coffee with Kelly.  Starbucks and open discussions about God are a really awesome combination, I think.  See also: Jesus and London Fogs.


I’ve been meaning to take a picture of this for ages, AKA, since I discovered this door.  Best door ever in the chem department.


Dear Wal-Mart, I already didn’t like you, but you really need mirrors.  Because then I wouldn’t require cellphone pictures of myself making ridiculous faces whilst wearing your clothes.  Granted I was not in a fitting room, but what if I were trying on a hat or something?  Dig those plaid shirts?  I’m going to go back and get the pink and black one behind my head, I think.


New Bose, thank goodness.  I ❤ product replacement plans.  For expensive headphones, they are so worth it.  The right wire came loose on the last one, and the l-piece had been falling apart for ever but still functioned so I just kept taping it.  No big.  Now my headphones are functional AND do not require tape.


First sub-zero slurpee of the season on Friday!  The gloves were only necessary because the Slurpee was cold.  Also, I could have used a scarf.  C’est la vie.


5 thoughts on “the past week in pictures . . .

  1. We’re hovering just above zero but getting up to decently warm in “heat” of the day 10-15C a few as warm as 20. I totally have an insulated slurpie mug for just this purpose for our local gas station 🙂 well that and that refills are super cheap on it(Where I go to school is devoid of 7/11’s unfortunately).

    • I’ve never thought to actually BUY one of those cups. Probably because that blue-sized slurpee is more than enough for me most days [but the green-sized one is too small lol]

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